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RTI bug bites UT Administration

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 16, 2006

RTI bug bites UT Administration

RTI bug bites UT Administration

Express News Service


Chandigarh, July 15: THE Chandigarh Administration is in the dock for not providing information on various aspects related to UT Estate Office under the Right to Information Act. The information, demanded by the Forum for Public Affairs, was reportedly not provided by the Information Officer concerned as a result of which, the Forum moved the Appellate Authority under Section 19 and 20 of the Right to Information Act.

When contacted, Chandermukhi Sharma, president of Forum for Public Affairs, said, ‘‘The Information Officer is supposed to provide information in public interest. We have raised a number of issues and demanded information regarding those issues, which concern the entire city. But we were denied information. There was no other alternative but to move the Appellate Authority under the RTI Act.’’

According to the Forum’s complaint, they have sought information on – number of building violation notices issued under Section 8, 20 and Section 15 from the month of January 2004 to December 2005; stipulated time for execution of notice; present status of all the buildings to whom notices were issued for violations; number of showrooms/ sites/ buildings in the city (sector wise) resumed and with no appeal pending in any court of law (with site/ showrooms/ buildings number, area/sector, resumed in which year, reasons for non-compliance of eviction orders).

‘‘Within the stipulated time period of 30 days, the authorities concerned failed to provide information desired by us. We then moved the appellate authority under Sections 19/20 of the RTI Act. The two sections empowers the information-seeker to not only get a penalty imposed on the information officer concerned for not providing information, but also makes the officer liable for legal action,’’ Sharma added.


2 Responses to “RTI bug bites UT Administration”

  1. Jyotii Subramanian said

    Chandigarh is a UT and this information should be under Chandigarh (UT) RTI.it is important to make this distinction from Punjab RTI as we are often clubbed ignorantly with punjab and do not get the attention the city deserves.Since even though Chandigarh is the cpital of Punjab and Haryana laws of neither states apply and governance of the city is in the hands of a bunch of bureacrats with no accountability.

  2. amandeep singh said

    rispacted sir, i whant to information vill abiana khurd district ropar punjab .gram panchiat s work til now like every work narega work also

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