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A PAUSE from Shailesh Gandhi

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 16, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: shailesh Gandhi <shailesh2@vsnl.com>
Date: 15-Jul-2006 22:53
Subject: A PAUSE

15 July, 2006 This evening our campaign took a pause as a beginning to a
bigger campaign of a large number of one-day campaigns across Mumbai. We are
hoping to have over 500 one-day camps organised by various groups and
individuals. So far we have commitments of over 350 camps, and some of the
groups are deliberating about the commitments they should make.
Two sitting judges of the Bombay High Court came to our campaign; – Justice
Palshikar and Justice Gokhale of the Bombay High Court. This really shows
their commitment to the cause.
Our pausing ceremony drew about 150 participants and it was a short ceremony
with a few songs and a street play. A surprise guest was Shri Urvinder Madan
-Chief Electoral Officer of the State.  As our pledge to continue the
Campaign as an ongoing excercise, we lit candles around the word RTI. It
really was a pretty sight and the volunteers and guests who came showed
great enthusiasm.  I think we are on the way to making RTI one of the key
agendas of Citizens in Mumbai..

We had 316 RTI applications today-our highest during the campaign.

Our total of RTI applications:
Until 14th             1906
15 July                   316
Total                    2222
We expect to have 15000 to 20000 applications in the next year.

022 32903776; 26001003
All my mails are in Public domain,
and do share them if you wish.


One Response to “A PAUSE from Shailesh Gandhi”

  1. He Must know that ‘NRIs’ and “Persons-of-Indian Origin”
    arrested under “Section 498A IPC” has to pay Rs. One Lakh to
    the magistrate apart from paying Police and Prosecutor in Mumbai to get the Bail.

    There is another Rs. 50,000/- Bribe payable to Magistrate through
    same Court Lawyers working as agents for release of each passport
    and permission to leave India, and come to your Home Land for

    The cost of getting “Bail” and return of “US Passport” with 2 days Jail and Police detaintion in India for 15 days was about
    RS 7 Lakhs (Appx US $15000 )paid as bribes.
    There was additional Cash Deposit of Rs. 20,000/- Each for Bail
    and Rs.10,000/- Each for Return of US Passport.

    My Son and Wife were arrested at Mumbai Airport on June 30, 2003
    in connection with FALSE complaint registered in COLLUSION and CONIVANCE of Nagpada Mumbai Police Station
    under F.I.R No, 405/2002 and pending under case No. 631/P/2003
    at Mazgaon Court at Mumbai.

    My Entire Family of US Citizens have been declared PROCLAIMED
    OFFENDERS by Indian corrupt Judicial System.

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