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RTI empowers social worker

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 15, 2006

NDTV Correspondent


Watch story RTI empowers social worker

Saturday, July 15, 2006 (New Delhi):

The Right to Information can be a very powerful tool. As part of the continuing series on the national campaign against bribery, NDTV brings you the story of Ritu Mehra, a social worker who fought the system and used the RTI to get her ration card.

Ritu was made to run around for three months for a ration card and was eventually told that a new card will not be made.

She filed an RTI and met the Commissioner of Food and Supplies after which she got a new ration card within three days without paying a bribe.

Close to 35,000 visitors have been to camps around the country and almost 14,000 RTI applications have been filed. Calls continue to pour in and have crossed the 25,000 mark.


One Response to “RTI empowers social worker”

  1. Gope Lalwani said

    I am father of victim of 498A, who’s son committed SIN of
    sponsoring a Indian Girl to marry her in US.

    I have been named in the complaint and declared proclaimed
    offender listed on look-out-list at Indian Airports for arrest
    without Bail.

    As a matter of fact, I did not attend my son’s marriage ceremony
    nor lived with them during the period of their marriage. I was
    out of USA during the period.

    Here are the facts, and your opinnion shall be appreciated.

    In this case; a Criminal Complaint was registered in India
    against entire US Citizens family under section 498A with the
    collusion and connivance of the police.

    She is a Law Attorney of 10 years legal practise in Mumbai..
    Her father is also Senior Law Attorney at Mumbai High Court

    They got US citizens arrested at Mumbai Air-port, while returning
    from short visit to India visiting 92 years old ailing grand Mother,
    June 2003 after about 2 months of receiving and acknowledging the
    US Decree of divorce of April 2003, in which, she has been
    named “blackmailer and extortionist” in proceedings.

    1. She did not disclose in the F.I.R ” registered in December 2002
    that the Divorce proceedings were going on against her in US
    and she had filed her response in September 2002 asking for
    Rs. one crore as alimony alternatively restoration of conjugal

    2. She did not disclose in the complaint that she had travelled to
    US on
    sponsored fiance visa (K-1) to marry in US with US citizen.

    3. She stated in the complaint that she married in India with a US
    Green Card Holder Indian Citizen and named all the members of
    of the US citizen family as” Indian Citizens residing in US”. No
    proof to support the statement has been furnished nor the
    has been recorded in the F.I.R.

    4. Her Passport was neither inspected nor verified nor passport
    number entered in F.I.R as required by law, with the connivance
    of Mumbai Police.
    Nor the US Immigration Visa was investigated which she said in
    the complaint that she had acquired the same by fraud from
    US Consulate in Mumbai
    (The production and Inspection of her passport would
    have rendered the said complaint fraud and fraudulent)

    5. She did not disclose to US divorce court during court proceedings
    in January 2003; that she had filed a criminal complaint in
    India earlier
    in December 2002 under section 498A of Indian Penal Code, and
    obtained Non-bailable Arrest Warrants and got posted at Air-
    in India for arrest as proclaimed offenders.

    7. She has however left India and settled in Dubai for good

    Complainant had also sought assistance of “abused women’s”
    organisation in US in the divorce matter, but the organisation’s
    lawyer withdrew as soon as it became clear that her case was
    based on “Blackmail and Extortion”.

    She has not made any allegations ( such as made in the police
    complaint in India ) to the US women’s organisation’ or US police.
    This is clear evidence of Manipulation, Misuse, Mockery and Naked
    Abuse of Indian Legal and Judicial System by the unscrupulous
    woman and her father both belonging to legal profession.

    Where is the Justice, RTI or NO RTI?

    Gope Lalwani
    Pennsylvania USA

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