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New CIC plans to usher in changes at commission

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 15, 2006

New CIC plans to usher in changes at commission

Express News Service


Ahmedabad, July 15: THE State Information Commission is all set for a revamp by the newly-appointed Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) R N Das. Shortage of staff, lack of infrastructural facilities ail the commission since it was constituted in July 2005.

Only nine staff members, including the CIC, were sanctioned by the state government when it was set up after the enactment of the Right to Information (RTI) law. Regarding infrastructural facilities, the commission is yet to develop its own website where judgments and orders can be uploaded in the public domain.

Das took over as the CIC on July 7, after his predecessor P K Das retired on June 10.

Speaking to Express Newsline, R N Das said, “I know the commission is understaffed and we have taken up the matter with the state government and things will improve very soon.”

To strengthen its headquarter in Gandhinagar will be the commission’s first assignment, he said.

On infrastructure, Das said that the commission will have its own website within a month so that orders and call lists can be put on it for public use.

“We have hired a consultant to help us develop our own website,” he said.


One Response to “New CIC plans to usher in changes at commission”

  1. ramesh wasudeo said

    ideally for RTI, besides CIC, one ICmust be positioned at every divisional level.

    even bombay highcourt have seats at aurangabad and nagpur besidesfull fleged strength at mumbai. how do you expect member of public to go to state capital for hearing of appeals – rw

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