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State Information Commission to have its website soon

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 14, 2006

State Information Commission to have its website soon

Special Correspondent


Tamil Nadu fully cooperating with the commission Tamil Nadu fully cooperating with the commission



  • Rs.250 lakh sought in the current budget for the commission
  • A meeting of Information Commissioners of the States planned in October


    — Photo: S.R. Raghunathan

    CLEARING DOUBTS: Padma Balasubramanian (left), Information Commissioner, New Delhi, and S. Ramakrishnan, Tamil Nadu Chief Information Commissioner (second from left), talking to journalism students on the Right to Information Act in Chennai on Friday.


    CHENNAI: The State Information Commission is all set to have a website, designed by the National Informatics Centre. Once work is complete, all decisions will be hosted on it.

    State Chief Information Commissioner S. Ramakrishnan told reporters here on Friday, after a media workshop on the legislation at the Press Information Bureau, that the law had been translated into Tamil. The Centre had accepted it and would notify it.

    Answering questions, he said the Tamil Nadu Government was fully cooperating with the Commission. The Commission had sought allocation of Rs. 2.5 crore in the current budget. Training of officers to sensitise them to the legislation was a continuous process. The exercise had been completed for senior officers.

    Notices issued

    He said show-cause notices had been issued to 50 officials for not providing information on time, not providing information at all and providing incomplete information.

    State Information Commissioner G. Ramakrishnan said the Act came into force on October 12, 2005.

    The Commission was formed prior to that. Tamil Nadu was the third State with a full set-up of the Commission. The staff could not be appointed because of elections. Services of retired hands were availed to ensuring that the applicants did not suffer. In this year’s budget regular funds would be allocated for the Commission.

    Padma Balasubramanian, Information Commissioner, Central Information Commission (CIC), said a meeting of Information Commissioners of the States was planned in October. Various aspects, including amendments, if any, to the legislation and similar laws in foreign countries would be discussed.

    She said the CIC had imposed penalties on officials in a couple of cases in Delhi.

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