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Goa board secretary issued show cause for giving false information

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 13, 2006

Goa board secretary issued show cause for giving

false information



– The  Goa State Information Commission (GSIC)  has issued a show cause  notice to  the secretary of  the Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary  Education  (GBSHSE) why penalty  of Rs 10000  should not be imposed  on him for  giving false  information to a complainant. “We are convinced  that this is a fit case and inclined to take  up the penalty proceedings under Section 20 of the Right To Information (RTI) Act, 2005” observed GSIC  in response to  a complaint by one Suhas Belekar.

In his complaint filed on June 8, 06 against the secretary of Goa Board, Belekar alleged that he had been given false information which he had sought under RTI Act, 2005. 

Complainant wanted to know whether responsibility of preparing syllabus of the text books of standard I to VII was given to Goa Board of Secondary and Higher Education.  And if yes, under which Act it was done so?

The respondent submitted that responsibility was not entrusted to Goa Board. In consequence complainant submitted that he was given false information —supporting his case with press note issued by the respondent on June 2, 06 describing a procedure for distribution of text books from Standard I to standard XII to the book sellers in which he invited the book sellers to place their order with the Board for the books for classes from  standard I to VII.

The complaint  claimed  that he  had come  across  two  text books for standard VI in Hindi and Mathematics subjects which clearly show that they were  published  by  the respondent  institution, and produced  copies of  both the  documents.

While denying that he  had  given  false  information to the complainant, the respondent argued  that the Board  does not have  the  responsibility  of preparing the syllabus and text  books  of standard I  and VII  as per the legal  provisions of the Act.
He further claimed that the responsibility is that of directorate of education, however he did not say so in his affidavit.
The GSIC held  it is  clear from the  material  supplied  by the complainant  that the respondent is  definitely  responsible for the contents  of the books published by the GBSHSE even for the standard from I to VII . Otherwise, there is no meaning of holding  copy right over the contents of the books and  publishing a warning  that then contents  as well as  price of the  publication  should not be altered without the their permission.

“The legal  provision  of  the  responsibility  for the syllabus  of only  the secondary and  higher secondary  classes does not  exclude  the taking up  of the additional  responsibility  by the Board entrusted to it by  the government  by any other means, be it  administrative  or otherwise,“ stated GSIC while issuing show cause notice to  the secretary of Goa Board returnable by  July 24, 06.


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