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Posted by rtiact2005 on July 11, 2006


Press Note

Jaipur, July 10 2006: The confusion regarding file notings is yet to
be put to rest in Rajasthan. Although this had been repeatedly
reiterated by the Central Chief Information Commission (CCIC) in its
appeal decisions on 31/1/06 and later on 15/5/06, the Home Secretary,
Rajasthan government has verbally clarified that unless the Department
of Personnel and Training (DoPT) does not remove the sentence that
exempts file notings from the definition of information in its
website’s Frequently Asked Question (FAQs), he will be unable to issue
any order permitting the disclosure of file notings for the state. The
decisions of the CCIC, any PIO or appeal authority in this respect
would apply only to that specific case, and cannot be taken as a
blanket direction, he said.

Under the FAQ “What does information mean?”, the DoPT’s website says
“Information means any material in any form including records,
documents, memos, e-mails, opinions, advices, press releases,
circulars, orders, logbooks, contracts, reports, papers, samples,
models, data material held in any electronic form and information
relating to any private body which can be accessed by a public
authority under any other law for the time being in force but does not
include “file notings” [S.2(f)].

However, it remains a mystery as to why the DoPT is yet to remove the
said line from its FAQs in spite of the CCIC asking it to do so and
the Act itself not putting any such restrictions.

In its appeal decision (dated 31.6.06) regarding the disclosure of
file notings from Ministry of Urban Development, the CCIC had said,
“The Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions is advised to
remove such administrative instructions from its website that are
contrary to the RTI Act, 2005 as found by the Commission. In the
present case, the Ministry will make available the file notings
requested to the appellant.”

Direction on Acceptance of Rs 10/- Application Fees

Many complaints have been received in the course of the Abhiyan that
applicants are facing difficulty in depositing the Rs 10/- fee along
with the RTI application form. Applicants are being told that the
officers do not know under what head the receipt for Rs 10 should be
given. However, it seems this is simply being used as an excuse, as a
clear order to this effect has been issued by the Home department,
Rajasthan government one month ago, by its order order dated 6th June,
2006. The order clearly specifies the heads under which the Rs 10 may
be accepted in various offices.

Officer Sticks to RTI “Deadline”

Murarilal, a resident of Jaipur had applied for information under the
RTI Act 2005 from the Jaipur Nagar Nigam on the terms and conditions
under which contracts had been given to collect garbage in all zones
in the city. The application had been made in the first week of June.
On the 30th day, the Commissioner in the Nagar Nigam in charge of
providing the information realised that his time was up. He
frantically got the information together and had it sent in his
vehicle, to deliver at the applicant’s doorstep!

Rajsamand District Collector assures progress on RTI Implementation

A delegation from 10-12 organisations led by social activist Aruna Roy
met the Collector of Rajsamand district today to brief him about the
implementation of the RTI Act. He assured the delegation that he would
organise a training of all officers to sensitise them on the Act in a
few weeks and hold a monthly meeting in this regard. He also promised
that he would soon send out orders to all departments, especially
those concerning the panchayati raj and main public-dealing
departments, to implement Section (4) of the Act with urgency.

Abhiyan Going Strong at the start of Week 2

In Jaipur, the kiosk was shifted to near the Jaipur Development
Authority (J.D.A) from today onwards and received good response from a
large number of people. Till afternoon, 14 applications had been filed
in various offices/departments including the JDA, SC/ST Commission,
Archeological Survey of India, Directorate of Local Bodies, Education
(Elementary and Higher), Social Welfare, Electricity and so on. Many
visitors also expressed interest in joining the campaign on a long
term basis. Among the many applications filed, Pawan Nakwal had some
difficulty in trying to file his application with the SC/ST
Development Corporation in Bais Godaam, Jaipur. On going to the PIO’s
office, he found that he was not available. He then went to the
cashier who asked him to meet the CEO. The CEO was also not in his
seat. So he went to the Deputy Director, who again directed him to the
PIO! At the end of the day, he returned without filing the

A total of 56 applications were filed between various centres in
Rajasthan today. These applications mainly concerned the panchayati
raj department, PDS, water, education and so on.

(On behalf of the Abhiyan)

For further details, contact: Parash (9413046353), Gautam
(09374099988), Kamal (9413457292) or Sowmya (0141-2362358)



  1. sandeep said

    i am a student

  2. sandeep said

    dlfjkhdl uihlfi idlj liughdf

  3. sandeep said

    hi, sir i want to know for sc st commission in jaipur.

  4. sir/madem,i have lost my rashan card photo copy.please answer me-what i do???????????????????????????????

  5. cheekli said

    Sir i want to know through RTU kota that we have to wait for how much time for the revaluation result of 5th sem MCA.We are waiting from last 10 months.We are facing so much problems for applying for job and in M.Tech addmission. Please sir help us.

    Helpless students.

  6. Swati Dwivedi said

    Sir, i am a student of B.Tech. 4rth year. And I want to complain against a Postmaster of Yashoda Nagar branch, Kanpur, UP. He did not behaved like a gentleman and did not provide me any information about what i was asking to him, at that time i really get frustrated from his behaviour. please tell me the procedure accordingly to complain against this scenario.

  7. Ram said

    If these person is bribery, then write to letter DGM HEAD POST OFFICE NEW DELHI

  8. Rakesh sharma said

    Sir! i am Rakesh sharma . i applied form of nurse/compoundre post NRHM rajasthan 06/09/2010.but not fill the post yet.iwant to informetion about this vacency and “BAJAT” 2010/2011 ayush nurse/com. tnxs

  9. Rakesh sharma said

    Sir! i am Rakesh sharma . i applied form of nurse/compoundre post NRHM rajasthan 06/09/2010.but not fill the post yet.iwant to informetion about this vacency and “BAJAT” 2010/2011 ayush nurse/com. tnxs

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    […]SUCHNA EVUM ROZGAR KA ADHIKAR ABHIYAN – Jaipur « Right2Information[…]…

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