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No sign of promised AMC money, 177 families seek information

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 11, 2006

No sign of promised AMC money, 177 families seek information

Express News Service


Ahmedabad, July 9: Last November, some 177 families were evacuated from Khodiyarnagar to enable the construction of the Vasna-Behrampura bridge and shifted to Ganeshnagar at Piplaj. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation had then promised them Rs 10,000 each as compensation. Today, there is no sign of the money yet, not to speak of lack of basic amenities like water and sewage line at the relocated place. This has prompted the displaced families to file an RTI.

These families were promised the money for relocating to Ganeshnagar where even basic amenities like water are not available. The residents knocked at several doors when no compensation was forthcoming but no one was listening. Now, the residents are filing an RTI to find out what happened to the promised money.

Jeetubhai Makwana, who has filed the RTI, earlier lived in Khodiyarnagar from where he shifted to the plot allotted to him by the government. He says that the AMC has also not provided the promised water supply.

“There are 24 toilets and bathrooms here but as there is no water supply, these are of no use,” says Makwana.

Residents also complain that the absence of a sewage line is also a major problem as stagnant water causes diseases. Malaria is a common problem among people staying here.

Husnabanu, another resident, says, “There is no sewage line here and the stagnant water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.” She adds that since there is no doctor nearby, she has not yet taken a medical check-up although she is suffering from high fever.

Makwana says, “One of our demands along with the compensation amount is a sewage line.”

Babubhai Shivabhai, another resident has shot off two letters to the chief minister in the past one year citing the lack of basic facilities in Ganeshnagar. He says, “I wrote two letters to the Chief Minister citing the problems we are facing but I have received no reply.” Even drinking water facilities are unavailable to these residents. Makwana says, “We get drinking water from the borewell that the corporation has given us, which has water supply for only half or one hour.”

Most of the residents live under plastic tents as they do not have the money to build their houses. These residents believe that if the compensation is paid it will help them greatly. Says one such resident, Laxmanbhai Chanubhai: “This is the only material that I have to build my roof with. It is going to be really problematic for me in the rains when the plastic roof starts leaking.”

Harinesh Pandya, secretary of NGO Janpath, is helping the displaced to file an RTI application. Says Pandya: “The RTI application will be filed in the AMC but since the area now comes under the Ahmedabad Urban Development Authority (AUDA), part of the application will be answered by the corporation and part of it will be sent to the AUDA authorities concerned.”


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