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Mumbai crosses 1000 RTI applications :: Shailesh Gandhi

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 11, 2006

Our total of RTI applications:
earlier                  747
Today, 10 July      260
Total                   1007
Total vistors to the Campaign would be around 2000.
Amongst the important vistors today were Shivaji Raut and Dr.Pradnya Sarvade-Add.Commissioner of Police-ACB.
We are planning to send a team to Azadmaidan on 12th afternoon to get RTI applications filed by NAPM members.
A large number of organisations and individuals are expressing a desire to hold such camps in their areas.
We have decided to ask organisations and individuals to commit to one-day camps during the period
1 August 2006 to 31 July 2007. We are going to put these commitments at the Campaign site from 12th,
and see a possibilty of reaching a figure of 500 one day camps during this period.
If we can get an average of 30 RTI applications per camp, we could get 15000 applications filed in different locations and
start a bushfire, which would put RTI on the agenda of Mumbai. Presently it is nice to dream of this, and I am sure various organisations, including those who might not have participated will join in this mission to put RTI at bthe forefront of Citizen empowerment.
022 32903776; 26001003
All my mails are in Public domain,
and do share them if you wish.


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