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Let us INSTILL RTI Act to SCHOOL and COLLEGE Students all over INDIA

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 11, 2006

RTI Act 2005 and other National Issues and Acts needs to be part of a COURSE for Students in SCHOOLS and COLLEGES.

This should be done as a part of any CAMPAIGN on RTI.

RTI needs to reach out to 600000 Villages in INDIA.

RTI needs to reach all DISTRICTS, TALUQS of all STATES  in INDIA.

RTI needs to reach COMMON PEOPLE in INDIA. We need to make them aware of the RTI Act.

This is Mr. V. M. Kumaraswamy, MBA.

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7 Responses to “Let us INSTILL RTI Act to SCHOOL and COLLEGE Students all over INDIA”

  1. vikramsimha said

    A really Massive Effort and Should Come from the Govt Side . Presently They are Doing only Training to a fEw officers and are the Resource Persons are also the same People who teach the Law and not the Ground Reality .
    Freinds there is an great Nexus in this also and it is an herculean effort

  2. Dhirendra Krishna said

    Government has not done enough to disseminate information to citizens regarding their rights under RTI Act 2005. They do not appear to be serious regarding action under sections 26.

    School and college students should not learn about this law, they should be encouraged to educate other citizens as a “social work” and help in drafting RTI applications. In the ongoing campaign against bribery (1-15 july) lot os students have become volunteers to help in drafting RTI applications.

    In my humble opinion, this is an excellent extension to their education regarding practical problems faced by the citizens,

  3. Ajay Singh said

    I agree RTI should start from bottom’s up.

    – From school, part of curriculam in class 10th board.
    – From Villages and small town
    Then I would say RTI is catching up to common mass

  4. dibya said

    Immediately workshop should be held for students on RTI Act and how studnets can be involved in the exercise;

  5. sudarshan goala said

    i m not agree. i thing still today inspite of our best efforts rti is a concept of elite people. so it will take time.

  6. captainjohann said

    This should be done immediately by pressurrising the Education ministry.IAS,IPS lobby which rule India through connection to the politicians will resist.Any pilanthropist who has money must distribute this act,consumer protection act etc to citizens.

  7. zaza said


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