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Drive Against Bribes / Ghoos Ko Ghoosa PRESS RELEASE – Day 9

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 9, 2006

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Subject: [antibriberycampaign] PRESS RELEASE Day 9
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Drive Against Bribes / Ghoos Ko Ghoosa PRESS RELEASE Day 9

9th* *July 2006

As the Drive Against Bribes / Ghoos Ko Ghoosa campaign goes past the 
halfway point and we're getting closer to the end of the campaign, 
requests and volunteers for new RTI camps/centerss are coming up as people 
want to get associated with this campaign and be a part of civil society 
using RTI to set our house in order. In Uttar Pradesh 7 new cities have 
been added to the list of RTI camps and these will be operational from 
tomorrow - Varanasi, Sultanpur, Chandaoli, Unnaw, Sitapur, Devaria, 

Also a gentleman named Mr.  Sameer Chaudhary has offered to organize a 
similar camp in Andaman Nicobar islands. This is extrmemly encouraging 
and a sign that there are people in the c ountry who want to put things 
right and this campaign has given them an opportunity to come together 
to raise their voice.

Although it was Sunday and some camps remained closed the turnout at 
the rest was not dampened, although Delhi saw heavy rains and thus not 
many people ventured to the camp.

Lumding, an inspiration to us all continued its march asking for 
accountability from the govt. by filing 100 RTI applications today. This 
little town has been remarkable in spreading the RTI message.

Ranchi too saw an impressive turnout with 200 vistors coming to the RTI 
camp and 90 RTI applications were filed.

Our friends in Chhindwara had a special initiative where a public 
meeting was held at the bazaar chowk, which was attended by 400 people. 116 
RTI applications were filed here.

The camp in Akola has been very active in filing RTI applications from 
people from rural areas of Maharshtra. From farmers to harassed 
villagers. Today another remarkable RTI was filed - In a village called 
*Botakaji* 250 houses were damaged by a massive hailstorm. Maharashtra 
government announced a compensation package. Majority of the dwellers did not 
receive the package benefits. Today 25 people visited the Akola RTI 
assistance center and filed an RTI on the same. This we hope will expose 
the black hole that funds from several such govt. schemes sink into 
never to be seen again.

Ahmeddabad where 32 RTI applications were filed today demonstrated 
another case of the govt. authorities not following the law in letter and 
spirit where an applicant was slapped with a ridiculous bill to get 
information - An individual filed an RTI durting the campaign, last week. 
The public authority in reply asked him to deposit Rs. 4 lakhs 74,000 as 
additional fee charges for photocopy. The applicant has filed 3 
subsequent application under Right to Information seeking to inspect the 
files, the break of the total cost of photocopy and the information be 
provided in electronic format in a CD.

A total number of 636 RTI applications were filed at various camps 
around the country and over two thousand phone calls and visitors which 
will surely translate to some more RTI applications seeking answers from 
those who govern us. Welcome aboard all new volunteers and camps, best 
of luck….. 6 days to go.


One Response to “Drive Against Bribes / Ghoos Ko Ghoosa PRESS RELEASE – Day 9”


    I have gone through all the reports/articles on eradication of corruption. In Indian system, eradication of corruption is next to imposible and India is proud of itself that they are No. 1 (one) in corruptiuon when compare to the rest of the world.
    Most Indians are very comfortable with corruption and the outcry against corruption are just for publicity, to satisfy vote bank and RTI Act in one way aims at vote bank. nothing more one can expect out of it.

    I have my personal experieince.

    I have filed a complaint to Central Vigilance Commission and they have registered the complaint under CVC Ref:611/05/10. I have also reported the case to CAG, CBI.

    CVC in its public domain reported that the Administrative Action has been taken. Subsequently CVC web site updated stating “Commission adviced closure of the case”.

    Having taken so much peronsal risk, I was not even given a courtesy response.

    Any one can get a copy of my complaint from CVC (quoting CVC Ref:611/05/10) under RTI Act. and get to know how clean and transparent governance is ensured.

    In my opinion that no sensible Indian Citizen will waste their time in fighting against corruption or getting unwanted information which is of no use.

    No.12, 18th Street, Balaji Nagar Extn.II, Puzhuthivakkam, Chennai-600091
    Cell: 9840780885
    email: psnswaminathan@gmail.com; psnswaminathan@yahoo.com

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