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KRIA – Residents Association of Virupakshapura using RTI for keeping books of CMC and to get Ex-Councillor’s Financial Records

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 8, 2006

—– Original Message —–
From: jk jk <jkgroup999@gmail.com>
Date: Thursday, July 6, 2006 10:34 am

> Dear all
> This is K N Jagadish kumar, president of “Residents Association of
> Virupakshapura” . Our association is continiuosly working towards
> bettermentof our area and also tryin g to keep the books of CMC
> Byatrayanapura in
> order, while taking each and every information under RTI 2005.
> Apart from this after seeing all this the EX -councillor of CMC
> Byatrayanapura ward 15 and also the present JD(S) General
> secretary Mr. K N
> Chakrapani didnt like the way we were questioning aythorities
> about the
> information required.when the association didnt really listen to mr
> chakrapni, disturb the association in too many ways.
> At last we applied under RTI 2005 to?
> # State election commission- asking details of his first 1996
> electionfiled returns of K N CHakrapani?
> # Income tax department seeking his returns from 1996 to 2006.
> # From RTO yeshwanthpur seeking the details of 22 luxury cars
> which he
> owned?
> # details of assets mr. K N Chakrapani from sub registerer
> yelehankha ?
> # details about his body guards provided from state from
> Departmnent of
> police ( Administration)
> # and few from other sources?
> after doing all this the facts came in front was shocking
> in 1996 Mr .K N Chakrapani assets were “Nil”
> In 2006 Mr. K N Chakrapani assets are Rs.600 Crores and above .
> Is it shocking
> yes it is shocking.
> After this we send all the detials to the state chief Mr. Kumaara
> swamy to
> sack K N C and to order for a CBI enquirey .Till date there is no
> answerfrom the state chief?
> We have going to file a RIT against K N C and non acting state.
> Thanking you.
> RTI 2005 is really a bright sun its not a twinkling star .
> Hope people sould know this reality.
> K N Jagadish kumar.


ANBARASAN ARASAN <arasan@bgl.vsnl.net.in> wrote: Dear K N Jagadish kumar,

If you have enough documents to prove the impropotionate wealth of Mr Chakrapani, approach Income Tax department and CBI to file cases. If they are rude, submit a complaint to them then use RTI with them to pursue the matter. Mr Chakrapani seems to be eligible cases like Mrs Jayalalitha is facing.

Best of Luck.

N. Anbarasan


Dear Jagadishji ,

We need to speak to you Can you drop in at the Anti Bribe Campaign Centre in K G Road . Call me on 98860 20774.



3 Responses to “KRIA – Residents Association of Virupakshapura using RTI for keeping books of CMC and to get Ex-Councillor’s Financial Records”

  1. Chakrapani,

    Nimman denga..shame on you

  2. Umesh said


    Great to know that you are using RTI in such an effective manner. I too have been trying to use RTI effectively but unfortunately the officers always manage to circumvent the laws to ensure that they do not have to provide information.

    As far as I have read in the Bare Act, it looks like only individuals can file an RTI. However from what you have written, it seems a Body too can file one. Please do clarify. I am a member of an Industries Association and would like to file an Application as the Association.

    I look forward to your advice.



  3. arj said

    Hey dont Jagdish.
    He is a big cheat.

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