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Two More applicants humiliated in Bihar, A challange for us

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 7, 2006

——— Forwarded message ———-
From: vishnu rajgadia <vrajgadia@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 06-Jul-2006 21:29
Subject: [antibriberycampaign] Two More applicants humiliated in Bihar, A
challange for us

Dear all
I am worried about our campaign in Bihar as the applicants are being
humiliated for filing their application. We should must protect them
otherwise the people will blame us for their humiliation.

One youngman Dharmentra Sharan was humiliated on 5.7.05 in Passport office
at Patna. Two more applicants had to face the same today(6.7.07).

Mr. Ravindra Singh, a school teacher came to our camp with his complain of
dues of salary. When he visited to the District Education Office, he was not
only denied to submit his application, but was threatened also. The
applicant was very much demorlised.

Another applicant is Mr. Kanhaiyalal from Giriyak of Nalanda District. After
getting suggession from our camp, he visited to Road Transport Department.
is appointed there, but he did not received the application and misbehaved
with the applicant.

These Three cases are a testing ground for all RTI activists.

Prabhat Khabar is publishing the news and our people will try to talk to
senior officials and to CM, Deputy CM on this attitude. But I request to
create a nationwide pressure against such cases.

(For reference- Bihar has not constituated Information Commission till

Vishnu Rajgadia
Prabhat Khabar, Ranchi 09431104424


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