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The Mumbai spirit :: “shailesh Gandhi”

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 7, 2006

Mumbai has been on the National News radar for the last three days for its torrential rain.
In the meantime, we had seen a surfeit of enthusiastic volunteers sitting without much work most of the time.
Our RTI applications have been:
1st-   71
2nd   32
3rd   53
4th     4       
5th   11 Mumbai flooded and holiday declared but two of our doughty volunteers Shankar Narayan and Bhaskar Prabhu reached and filled 11 applications!
             All of us in Mumbai owe them a lot for demonstrating the Mumbai spirit.

6th- The Met had predicted very heavy showers and advised people to stay at home. But sure enough a large number of volunteers came to the Govt. Law College.
At any given time there were more than 30 volunteers present.Since we had a lot of volunteers, a young team went to Dharavi,- a slum. They went with a banner and some posters and got ten RTI applications made there. At the venue we had Sanjay Ubale,- senior and dynamic young Bureaucrat,- visting us in the morning, and offering a lot of useful ideas. Shri Kiran Jadhav-DIG, CBI came in the afternoon and we certainly had a very interesting interaction.
The Citrizen turnout was better than the earlier days, and we ended the day with 127 applications at the venue. Alongwith the 10 at Dharavi, we had 137 today.
Thus we have now made a total of 308 applications. We are hoping we will see the upward graph in the next few days. We have the volunteers cwho are very enthusiastic,
and hopefully we will use their positive energies.
A few intereseting cases of applicants whose RTI applications were made:
Imtiaz Mohammed has waited 2 and a half years for a passport.- 9321043755
A canteen contractor who is not getting his deposit refunded by MCGM
Mrs. Ramli Pradhan- Transfer of ration card has already taken 6 bmonths.
P.N.Gangar has waited for 6 months for a PAN card.
Students of St.Xaviers and other young volunteers  went and distributed leaflets at Churchgate station.
An outstanding volunteer today was Varsha Shah who notched up 28 applications.
We are now seeing the beginning of an interesting period. I hope the rains are a little kind.

022 32903776; 26001003
All my mails are in Public domain,
and do share them if you wish.


3 Responses to “The Mumbai spirit :: “shailesh Gandhi””

  1. ramesh wasudeo said

    my wife’s as well as my income tax assessments were not fianlized for past 6 years although they were filed in time with requisite papers.

    i realised that my IT file was not complete for overseas travel last year. my CA had been visiting IT office regularly since last year but invariably returned with mere promises.

    during November 2005, i personally went to ITO and handed over an application givingphotp copesof all past returns with enclosures and requested them to finalize. there was no rssponse since then inspite of visits and enquiry by my CA.

    i therefore filed and RTI application seeking progress on my letter of november and present status on my past six years assessment.

    the divisional commissioner told me that if i did not get any intimation during course of next year, my return is deemed accpeted and ITO need not send you assessment order in such cases where there is no discrepancy or recovery.

    i told hom that during past 6 years, my self and wife had filed 12 returns and except one, all rest 11 returns were filed with demand for refund order and none were received. he then agreed and asked me to hand over my RTI application a inward clerk who was summoned.

    i followed the clerk to his desk and he placed acknowledgement stamps on my second copy and made entry in his inward register and rose from his chair for lunch. i asked him as to where i can pay Rs.10/- by cash or through court fee stamp that i carried. he said he had no idea and i must meet commissioner again.

    commissioner called establishment officer who was totally clue less as to how i was to make payment. finally he gave me a contact asst commissioner at aaykar bhawan. at my instance he tore the office copies taht i handed him.

    then there was wild goose chase. i went to aaykar bhawan and met one of the PIO asst commissioner there. he spent over two hours to find out as to what is the procedure, what is the chalan number and what are the heads of account under which the cash is to be realized by tresury.

    finally he got me specific challan form xeroxed in his office and after a lond delay, the specific accounts head details for major and minor account.

    i completed the challan and went to SBI versova only to learn that i must go to RBI alone for deposit. from kewal semlani, i learnt his friend’s number who told me to go to churchgate RBI near nirmala niketan. after waiting for an hour at 1 p.m the accoy=untant opened his cage and accepted my money. he returned two copies of challan duly stamped.

    next i visited my ITO office and seposited RTI applications with challan and returned.

    my phone started ringing after two days and the ITOs – there are seperate ITO for me and wife, have been pestering me to visit ITO office ay my convenience. now when i go there, i get the senior OTO to offer me tea and snacks while my assessment is getting finalized. they have lareadt given me to checks totalling 41,000/- for others, they have asked for indemnity bond and some proof like xerox of bank passbook etc. most of atatchments they have lost and are untracable.

    now they are pleading that i shold withdarw my RTI application as by 11thjuly, fine will commnse on commissioner who is official PIO. he may also get adverse entry in his CR.

    in next two days, they are finalizing all my claims and issue refund cheques so that i give them discharge.

    taht is the power of RTI.

    rameshw asudeo.


    congratullations for the excemplary performance. In Bangalore people from far off places viz., Tamil Nadu and district places visited the campaign. Although the performance was poor, we expect more and more people during the next week of campaign.

  3. kiran said

    when we are having the intelectual persons in the respective field so why are we allways dependent on other country for the technology war weapons we should make a pvt ltd or public ltd firms for the development of the technology in war fare wepons and for the public development projects

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