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Spy who came back from Pak jail resorts to RTI

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 7, 2006

Spy who came back from Pak jail resorts to RTI
Incarcerated in various Pakistani jails for eight years, Kishori Lal Sharma is yet to get any compensation from the government.
Raakhi Jagga

Ludhiana, July 6: For 61-yr-old Kishori Lal Sharma, a former agent of the Indian military intelligence, the years between 1966-1974 was spent in various jails of Pakistan. Today, he is yet to be compensated.

The financial promised by the state government is yet to come.

On September 5, 2005, Punjab government had announced that it would provide financial aid for people like Sharma. The money was to be given from the discretionary quota of the Chief Minister within a month.“I submitted my file with all supporting documents on September 9, 2005, to then Deputy Commissioner Anurag Verma. But I’ve not heard anything about my case since. Whenever I ask, the file is untraceable,” says Sharma. “After I had sent my file to the DC office, I was told that it has been forwarded to the secretary, Department of Home Affairs and Justice, Chandigarh. I checked there as well, but they told me that they are not aware of any such file.”

Finally on Tuesday, he filed an application under the Right To Information (RTI) Act, asking the Deputy Commissioner about the status of his case.

Sharma did this through the group of youngsters who have organised a 15-day RTI awareness camp at Model Town Extension.

Jaskirat Singh, the coordinator of the RTI campaign in the city, told Newsline: “We have asked the first appellant (DC) to tell the status of the case and the dispatch number of the file, when it was forwarded to Chandigarh.”

“I am a trained automobile engineer and was assigned the task of finding out the faults in the tanks supplied to Pakistan by China in the aftermath of the 1965 war. But I was caught in 1966 and sentenced to 12 years imprisonment,” Sharma says.

In 1974, however, he was released under the Simla Agreement along with a few others. “I was just 32 and got married four years later. In jail, I had to bear all sorts of tortures.

But they don’t let you die.” Sharma started work in a private firm and now lives in BRS Nagar.

But the government “did not provide any financial help since then and at 32 I had to make a fresh start. I was lucky. Because of my professional qualifications, I managed to get a job. But even after the announcement by CM in September, 2005, nothing has happened. Perhaps RTI can be a ray of hope for me.”

The RTI awareness camp has entered its sixth day. Till date, over 50 complaints have been received pertaining to the DC office, MC, SSP, income tax department, PUDA, DTO, Chief Secretary, Punjab and many other departments. Apart from Ludhiana, a few complainants had come from Jalandhar and Amritsar as well, said Jaskirat Singh.


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  2. Sandip said

    Very same on politicians and bureaucrats who are sitting on the compensation of a Country lover and sacrificer. They are so busy with withholding their chairs. They can not pay heed to the man who sacrificed so much lovable time in prisons of Pakistan for the sake of security and safety of the country. Even then they demand salary hike and perks benefits. Same on them. They lost all their heart and soul. I pray to God, please placed them in hell. How we can develop and encourage patriotism. Some political party says they are successor of GandhiJee some are of Netajee, but all are hell and of one seed and bottle. What we taught is, we should not believe on any political parties and their promises. All are liars, frauds…..

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