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The TN Right to Information Awareness Campaign

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 5, 2006

 From: Guru Subbaraman <guru.subbaraman@gmail.com>

Reply-To: chennairti@googlegroups.com

To: chennairti@googlegroups.com

Date: Jul 3, 2006 10:50 AM

Subject: The TN Right to Information Awareness Campaign.


The national RTI awareness campaign titled “Drive Against Bribe”

has started and will go on till July 15.

Information about this campaign can be found at www.rightoinformation.org .
The Tamil Nadu campaign will begin on Monday, the 10th of July.

Around 45 organizations in 19 districts will work together in this campaign.

We will soon update all information related to this campaign on our blog/website.

We encourage all of you to step forward and volunteer for a

few hours during the two weeks of the campaign.


2 Responses to “The TN Right to Information Awareness Campaign”

  1. Guru Subbaraman said

    Can you take my email id of the website or atleast publish it as guru dot subbaraman at gmail dot com? My inbox is flooded with spam everyday!

    Thank you.

  2. duraiarasu said


    This is durai from chennai. working journalist. Im using rti act to get public interested subjects. can we work together?


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