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RTI redresses water supply grievance

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 5, 2006

RTI redresses water supply grievance

NDTV Correspondent

Wednesday, July 5, 2006 (New Delhi):


The Right to Information can prove to be a powerful tool.

In the continuing series on the national campaign against bribery, NDTV brings you the story of Madhu Manaklata.

Madhu wanted to change her water connection from commercial to domestic supply. She was asked to pay bribe but she refused. She finally managed to get what she wanted in two weeks just by filing an RTI.

“I had a commercial water meter and wanted that changed to a domestic meter. I submitted a request for the change, since there was no commercial activity here anymore.

“The Jal Board gave me a bill of Rs 17,000 and they wanted me to pay them the entire amount. I told them that I would not pay the entire amount as I was not doing any commercial work.

“They are government servants but they behave as though they are kings. They harassed me a lot. They were disrespectful, and one man, called K K Chaudhary asked me for a bribe

“I am a single woman and have no help. Where am I supposed to get all this money from? Then I found out about the RTI Act. And once I filed my RTI, the same man who asked me for a bribe, came to me to apologise.

“RTI is a tool that helps you solve a problem very fast.”


One Response to “RTI redresses water supply grievance”

  1. Abhishek said

    Dear sir
    I belong to the city of chandauli dristrict in u.p. I have a primises at the side of N.H-2. Infront of my property the irrigation canal is passing thru there which is in very damage condition & causes heavy warter supply in my property area due to it my houses is effected badly .So its kindly request that ,inform me the way thru which i take the legal action against the heavy damage of building & lives too and escape from distroy
    Note:- my plot no. is 859(kha)chandauli pin-232104
    Thanks& regards

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