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KRIA Fourth Day of A B Campaign in Blore

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 5, 2006

Dear friends,

On fourth day 4.07.2006 There were 3 enquires and 3 RTI applns Made . We also assisted in one Complaint being filed in our Info Commission .

The Queries were on BDA site allotment , BSNL tendering and fringe Benifit Tax being paid by BMP on its consultants .

The RTI applications were to Commissioner BMP on a letter written by Mr Gopal on inaction on his appln dated 05 .04.2006 pointing out a construction of 1+3 floors without Sanction from BMP

Mr MRC Gupthas  griveiance with IT Dept dated 19/12/2005 in non refund of Cash Seized Amounting to 9.00 laks inspite of the IT Dept having lost thier case in Karnataka High Court . Case relates a search and Seizure of Mr Gupthas Fathers 92 year old Ramasheshaih Setty

The third RTI was Filed an Youngster Pankaj kumar singh who rushed from his Home on seeing the NDTV India programme at 2.15 Pm .

His case relates Excess fees deducted by SBI branch Banashankri of Rs 2860/- on ATM transaction and His Complaint dated 1/06.2006.

Today we had 8 volunteers in the Morning session and 5 in the afternoon session



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