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KRIA Day three of the AB Campaign —- RTI has no borders .

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 5, 2006

Dear friends ,

Monday july third , was Day three of the A B Campaign and to our surprise the whole day was virtually devoted to Freinds and Fellow citizens from Tamil nadu , when we were still arguing for more venues in Bangalore .

At About 11.30 Am One Mr Hari Hara Krishan From Coonoor, Nilgiris Tamilnadu Dropped in at our Assistance Centre . He had come to meet his son and had already seen the NDTV programme and had noted our Centres Addresss by telephoning to the Toll free Number .

He is an Social Worker Running the National Fedretation of Blind , He had applied for his Passport almost a year Back at Passport Office Chennai . Unfortunatly he just had Forgotten to mention a Police Case Falsely Booked on him long long back . The Pass Port Office had written to him about this and asked him to pay a penalty of Rs 5000/-

Mr hariharan  had paid this on 24.10.2005 and he has definite information that his Police Verification Report was sent to the Passport office on 18/05/2006 ,but the PP office at chennai was sitting on this , enquires getting reply that the Police verification Report is not received .

A RTI asking all question on the status of his PP appln was made and Mr Harharan dispached this on same day by Regd Post Ack Due .


I left the assistance Centre at 6.05 Pm after Keeping all the Banners tied Outside to Avoid spoil in Rains and was almost half way to home and I recived a Call from Mr Rajinder Singh of Ambattur , surprised also to Known that he had driven his car all the way from Chennai since Morning 9.30 with an Sprained Leg , just to File his RTI appln as there is no Centre in Chennai.

He had Got My Mobile No from NDTV assistance .

Well I returned Back tothe Centre and You will be Surprised that He has an Decree oF the Madras High Court dated 18.06.2004 Directing The commissioner Ambattur Minicipality Ambattur Chennai 600063 .

Which States As

“Hence The Respondent ie the commissioner Ambattur Municipality Ambattur is hereby directed to furnish the basis of determination of the property tax to the peteinoer and procced to recover the same ”

The demand made on Rajinder singh is a staggering amount of Rs 775617/-  , Half yearly property tax demand of Rs 59663/- . Even after court Directions the Ambattur municipality is still demanding this Amount as Tax and His Neighbouring Industrial unit is asesed Rs 2228/-.for Half year . This Unit is nearly 6 grounds (14400sqft) where as Mr Rajinder singhs Unit is 2.5 grounds(6000sqft)

Mr rajinder Singh has also Deposited Rs 1.00 Lakh as directed By Madras High Court .

Now We have Prepared an RTI asking for the Status And ATR of the High Court Decree from the Ambattur Municipality .

I have received Confirmation from Mr RajinderSingh that He will Submit His RTI appln Tomorrow ie 5/7/06 as he has purchase Rs 50 /- DD to file his application

We Hope that this Adamant Ambattur Municipality will Get From its Slumber and Mr rajinder Singh get his Property Tax Assesed Lawfully .

Yes  freinds , The Demand Made to Mr Singh for Proper Assesement of Tax is also a Staggering 3 Lakhs .

Mr Rajeinder Has left with Me all Documents on this a set of photo Copies.



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