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GMDA accused of flouting RTI Act norm

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 4, 2006

GMDA accused of flouting RTI Act norm


By A Staff Reporter
 GUWAHATI, July 3 – The belief that no good piece of legislation can bring in any change in the practice of withholding official information concerning public interest, unless the officials running the administration become committed to democratic values, has again been proved right.

Despite the Right to Information (RTI) Act being in force in the State, the Guwahati Metropolitan Development Authority (GMDA) has denied a citizen the information he had asked for on the plea that he had not applied for the purpose properly.

According to Ashok Medhi, a resident of Md Tayebullah Road, Dighalipukhuri East area in the city, while turning down his request the GMDA authorities did not comply with the provision of the said Act, which provided for holding a hearing to settle any of the requests. He described the developments concerning his complaints and requests as products of the pro-builder approach of the GMDA.

The contention of Medhi was that the GMDA had allowed some builders to construct a five-storey building on the Fatik Chandra Road area despite knowing that the land area of the plot on which the building was built did not conform to the stipulation. The builders could manage to enhance the land area of the plot by using permission from the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup district. In fact, the Additional Deputy Commissioner of Kamrup district has no locus standi to deal any matter concerning the Kamrup (Metro) district, Medhi said.

Initially, Medhi was denied any information about the building and the permission granted for its construction. When the CEO of the GMDA was approached then under the provisions of the Right to Information Act, the former provided Medhi with some information. But later on detail information was denied to him on the plea that his application was not made under the provision of the appropriate section, said Medhi.

Earlier, The GMDA has turned a deaf ear to the complaint that the builders have violated the floor area ratio provision. Again, the builders have managed to convert the hind portion of the building into a six-storey structure flouting all legal provisions.

Medhi argues citing the GMDA permission for the building that the plot on the Fatik Chandra Road is marked as a high-density residential area, where the floor area limit is 3,888 square feet per floor. But the builders have surpassed that floor area restriction on each of the floors up to the fifth floor and on top of all these, they have added the sixth floor to the hind part of the building, Medhi said.

2 Responses to “GMDA accused of flouting RTI Act norm”

  1. hiran said

    I would like to get some information from city traffic branch under RTI act. please give me the name & adress of the concerned person.

  2. Any schem of govt,were they help poor students to join sports.I send 2 RTI in writing but Iam not get any result.Please give answer by post.Our address is-bye lane-6, ananda nagar,adagudam,lokhra road,ghy-34.Our mobile number-8486150625

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