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RTI drive gaining popularity – HT DRIVE AGAINST BRIBE

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 3, 2006

RTI drive gaining popularity
HT Correspondent
Lucknow, July 2


THE CAMPAIGN is only a day-old and the word has already spread to neighbouring districts. On Sunday, people from these areas flocked to the on-going Right To Information Act (RTI) awareness campaign at the Ambedkar Mahasabha office on Vidhan Sabha Road.

Being undertaken in public interest, the purpose of the drive is to apprise people of the significance of the Act and its use for making the bureaucracy and the government accountable, and to usher in transparency in governance and check corruption. On Sunday, as large number of people queued up at the camp.

Those who came included several people who, after having served a particular department, were now running from pillar to post to get their GPF and pension cleared.

“My father, who worked at the Cane Commissioner’s office in Deoria, retired in 2001. He got promoted just before retirement. But the subsequent hike he got in his salary, after the promotion, has not been paid by the government till date,” said Ram Pratap Yadav, who has made innumerable rounds of Cane Commissioner’s office here  to get the issue resolved.

Like Yadav, Harvansh Upadhyay, who had come all the way from Chandauli, said his father-in-law retired from the post of assistant development officer 12 years ago. “But he is yet to get his provident fund, and ever since I have been pursuing his case with the registrar of cooperative societies here,” he said.

Shiv Om Mishra had come from Barabanki as his mother had not received the usual family pension since January.“Instead of depositing the pension in the bank concerned in Barabanki, the authorities send it to the PNB here from where it is subsequently transferred to its Barabanki branch,” said Mishra adding that at times the entire process took a couple of months. All these people said they knew that the staff in these government offices expected them to grease their palms. “But instead, we all now want to make use of RTI Act to fight corruption,” said Mishra.

“We have been telling these people that purpose of this drive is to make them aware of the rights that they have been empowered with under the RTIA, and we do not possess any additional authority to get their job done,” said a former IPS officer IC Dwivedi, associated with the campaign. Besides Dwivedi, other eminent people and self-help group that have lent their support to the campaign include SR Darapuri, Sandeep Pandey, Arundhati Dhuru, Navin Tiwari, Jagat Narain Shailendra Singh and Chandra Bhan. “From Monday onwards, we would be organising similar awareness camps all over the State,” said Sandeep Pandey.


2 Responses to “RTI drive gaining popularity – HT DRIVE AGAINST BRIBE”

  1. mazharul haq abbasi said

    sorry to say that in our law every thing is there but fear of application is not there. people should be fear less but the law. in our country it is just a contrary the people forced to be fearful frightened but the culprits donot care the law as they have a proverb qanoon hamare jeb main hai is;n it? I am sending application to Sunny Central WAKF BOARD BY REGISTERED AD but neither the AD is returned nor the applications are appearing in the file. they show ignorance. for the inspection of record 1st Hr. is free and for subequent Hr.Rs. 5 for every additional Hr is to be paid as per law but Sunny Central Wakf board is straight way charging Rs.50/= for the 1st hour. where is the the law. my ancestral personal house is being tried to registered as a Wakf propery without any legal basis . A person, a leader, who had in past cheated Rita bahuguna when she was the chairperson of nagar nigam Allahabad had simply stated on oath that my house 203/231 Daira shah Amal is a wakf propery where as our ancesters were possessing as an owner and since living therein, Sunny Central Wakf Board is having so mu sympathy for the culprit that he had not been asked to produce the deed. secondly law is that entry can only be done within three months:
    1-from the date od act passed.
    2-from the date the wakf commenced.
    3-from the wakf board initially commenced.
    The Wakf Board ignoring all the law issuing notices, waisting the govt assets, time, stablisment’s expences, as well agon to innocent people. it is funny that if you had been accused and treated badly by any dept. if you had not been proved guilty ok you will be free but who incurred an inflicts so many wounds to govt and the public is free to enjoy no resposibility is fixed and now the culprit is punished. my sons are NRI they are earning for the country and their property is being treated by Wakf Board like this,the Board is issuing notices after notices and try to ex-pary decision by an unlawfulaction. when I asked the chairman why notices are not being received? where is the postal receipt for the notices? no proper reply. Again the Wakf Board fixed a date 25th jan 2011, but notice not received only by somebody hearsay we knew and again the date changed to 3rd of feb. how the our juditiary system endure these type of unlawful activities by a resposible institution? It is apprehanded that the megar employee of postal department is being purchased by a meger amount. the man creating problem is very fluent but if somebody comes to the points then he thretens makes compalaint to the people by publishing absord stories of his own family containing some abuses fo the old elderly people who are nowhere available to answer. very unique!

    M.H. Abbasi,
    203/231 daira Shah ajmal Allahabad 211003

  2. mazharul haq abbasi said

    dear sir,
    As I thik Sunny Central Wakf Board is a law abiding authority, if a person claim the the Darussafa is a wakf property it will be accepted and notices are issued to concerned. by ex-part decision the property DarusShafa is regitered as Wakf property? if you want to deliver a letter by hand you have to pay Rs. 50 wher is the? who listen? why not a powerful enquiry to implement the law. I’m sendind applications on the basis of RTIA, but apprehends they will not entertain the same. for the 1st free hr. they charge straight way Rs,50/= and give the recept. is it fake?

    M.H. Abbasi.
    203/231 daira shah Ajmal Abbasi Allahabad 211003

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