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Anti-bribe campaign launched

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 2, 2006

 Anti-bribe campaign launched – Saturday, July 1st, 2006


New Delhi – A 15-day anti-bribe campaign aimed at creating awareness about the Right to Information (RTI) Act was launched Saturday in 48 cities across the country.

Over 700 organisations including colleges, schools, doctors’ forums, resident welfare associations, community groups and non-governmental organisations kicked off the drive that ‘will encourage people against paying bribe to officials to get their work done’.

‘The campaign will tackle the most basic problem that everyone in the country faces while dealing with any government department – harassment, bureaucratic delay and the expectation of bribes to get work done,’ said a statement from the activists.

‘The whole campaign will be handled by over 1,500 volunteers who will help people in filing RTI applications in these cities,’ said Arvind Kejriwal, chief of NGO Parivartan.

In the first day, their national help line received around 1,154 calls and 1,600 people visited the website specially designed for the campaign.

‘After the completion of the campaign, they will have a workshop in August on problems people faced during the 15 days,’ Kejriwal told IANS.

A crucial law for the promotion of transparency and accountability from the government, the RTI Act allows citizens to demand information (in the form of records, documents, samples, orders etc) from the government regarding any department or office.


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