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All information on-line by 2007: Munda

Posted by rtiact2005 on July 2, 2006

All information on-line by 2007: Munda
Ranchi | July 02, 2006 4:53:20 AM IST


Jharkhand Chief Minister Arjun Munda today said by next year all information will be made available on-line.

Mr Munda inaugarating a seminar on ‘don’t give bribe, seek information,’ organised by a local hindi daily, yesterday said all sections of society would be benefitted by the law.

He said people should be aware of benefits of democracy and the RTI act was framed keeping in mind this social responsibility.

Leader of the opposition Sudhir Mahto said the act should be made widespread as it was the responsibility of the government.

Assembly speaker Inder Singh Namdhari presiding over the seminar also spoke on the ocassion.


12 Responses to “All information on-line by 2007: Munda”

  1. Forget about `all informations’, the basic informations pertaining to the State Information Commission is not updated beyond 2007. This is a pathetic state of affair.

    • N.K.sinha said

      I am a senior citizen and want to state a pathetic case of informaions that i wanted thru RTI act-2005 from Bokaro industrial area Development Authority but to utmost surprise officials are not even knowing what is RTI neither they are afriad of it.
      My query inspite of passing of 2 months ,nothing has been done.
      i also wrote to Appeallate authority ie Managing Director-Biada a month back but of no use.
      I wrote to Public information officer…they in turn send our letter to Biada ..but no action.
      I wrote to Director -Industries deppt./Govt. of Jharkhand……No result.
      i feel I have to write it to Mr. Anna Hazare…the only left option.
      can i expect a guide from you.

      Best wishes,

      • Prabhat Pati said

        I think you should have properly moved your case to Information Commission who would have ordered to provide you right informatin.

  2. It is very sad that the then CM, Shri Arjun Munda had falsely declared that All Informations will be available online by 2007.Unfortunately no linformation is available online till May 2010.
    What legal steps are to be taken for a false statement like the above.
    What are the reasons for not updating the basic informations of State Information Commission ?

    • dcmahto said

      RTI Act is a milestone in our democratic set up.The cyber age keeps everything open and the right 2 information has made possible to know the events and actions taken in all the spheres of the govt. However the projections of the same in the govt. website is far from expectations and needs updation of long pending informations on all counts.

  3. Amrit Raj said

    Its pity that a state like Jharkhand does not even have published handbook on the list of Appeal authorities and their offices, district wise.

  4. BhaskarKujur said

    Majority of States of INDIA provide the EMAIL ADDRESS of their RESPECTIVE
    Governor’S in the INTERNET SERVICES.But EMAIL ADDRESS of GOVERNOR of JHARKHAND State is Not Available in Internet Service Please provide the EMAIL ADDRESS of GOVERNOR OF JHARKHAND STATE In the INTERNET SERVICE.

  5. santan said

    Jharkhand’s RTI site is not complete, its very sad to know, I am trying to lodge a complaint regarding a land encroachment for last 7-8 month, its never processed.
    I have meet some of the concern Govt Officers regarding same and its almost 6 month have passed, nothing has happened since. Its tragedy for all the citizen of green Jharkhand.
    They just passing their bucks to others, God save this people and country.

  6. N.K.sinha said

    Dear gentleman,
    more than this I want to share :
    Application was lodged to the managing Director in June’11 under RTI
    Appeale made to Appeallate authority after 40 days.
    Lodged to Information officer who wrote letter to M.D.
    Lodged to Director of Industries who wrote to M D.
    Lodged to SISI _ Director who wrote to M D.
    Now I have sent all these to chief information commissioner/Ranchi.
    sir, it is a great state where we are looking in sky for God to help.
    One full life has gone in waiting good to happen.
    These are the reasons that Industry could not see light of Day inspite of many MOU.
    Best wishes.

  7. rupa said

    i m from jamshedpur, i have a difficult problem. we had loss our land. how can u help me.

  8. KALYAN GHOSH said

    Regarding my above comment on dated: September 22,2011, I may state that still there is no respite from Jharkhand Government apathy. Government of India does not help citing it A State Government issue. President’s Secretariat Help Line, PMO,VP’s Secretariat, NCW,M/o HRD,DARPG, Honorable M.P. Sri Yashwant Sinha and Honorable D.C.,Ranchi though have intervened, but HRD Department, Jharkhand Government has ignored these interventions. CIC has disposed off the appeal as DARPG is not concerned in redress of grievance pertaining to State Government. On 18 Jan,2013 Appeal Nos. 60/2012 and 61/2012 are heard by Honorable CIC, SIC, Jharkhand. Copies of these decisions has not been provided yet. Jharkand SIC website does not cover these decisions as it is not updated since September, 2012. Jharkhand HRD Department agrees that undue fixations in revised pay scale of many teaching/non teaching staffs of schools has caused huge loss to Jharkhand Government exchequer. This case of Smt Aparna Kolay is identical to the above undue pay fixation. As per Jharkhand Government rule revised pay of all staffs of a school is entitled from date of recognition of the school, not from the date of joining of the staff, who has joined the school before recognition date of the school. In accordance of this rule Smt. Aparna Kolay’s revised pay is given from date of recognition of the school. Smt Aparna Kolay though have joined more than six years before the date of recognition of the school. Her colleagues who joined before recognition of the school enjoy revised pay benefits from their respective date of joining [i.e. from earlier date than date of recognition of the school] Decision of Honorable CIC,SIC,Jharkhand is very crucial now to establish the fact.

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