Right to Information – Master key to good governance

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Posted by rtiact2005 on July 1, 2006

Right to Information Act

We all pay taxes. Even a beggar on the street pays sales tax when he buys anything from the market. This money belongs to us. But where does this money go? Why are there no medicines in the hospitals? Why are people dying of starvation? Why are the roads in such pathetic conditions? Why are the taps dry?

Now we have a right to question governments. The Parliament of India has passed Right to Information Laws, which empower citizens to question the government, inspect their files, take copies of government documents and also to inspect government works.


What is Right to Information?

Important provisions of RTI Act 2005

How to use Right to Information?

Why is it that RTI works when no other law has worked?

What should I do if I do not receive satisfactory information?

How does this law help me in getting my work done?

What should I do after getting information?

Won’t I be victimized if I used RTI?

Join the RTI Forum
Were you successful in obtaining the required details? Or did you fail to get information despite approaching information commission? Why don’t you tell your story to others?

Share your story

Are you an NGO, an individual or any other citizens’ group working on RTI? Have you yourself filed RTI applications and are fully conversant about the law? Would you like to help others to implement it in your state?

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 Drive Against Bribe Campaign


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