Right to Information – Master key to good governance

RTI definitely works!

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 29, 2006


In April 2006 I had gone to Bangalore City Railway Station to drop my daughter off. The  contractor charged me Rs 10 instead of Rs 5 for parking my car. I had estimated that the contractor was making about Rs 5,000 extra a day or Rs 150,000 a month on 1000 cars at the front and rear entrance of the station.

I filed a complaint with the Senior Divisional Commercial Manager, South Western Railway and waited for some time. I followed it up with phone calls but there was no response.

Finally I filed an RTI application and asked:

  1. Who is the officer in charge of taking action in such complaints?
  2. Has an enquiry been conducted in the matter? If yes please provide copy of enquiry report.
  3. What action, if any, has been taken against the parking contractor? If action taken please provide copy of action taken letter.
  4. If no action has been taken on complaint likely date that enquiry will be conducted.
  5. Please provide copy of agreement awarding parking contract.

    Yesterday I received a letter informing me that the parking contract has been terminated and that the official rates have been displayed prominently.

    I also received another letter asking me to pay money and collect the information.

    RTI definitely works!

    Best regards

    C N Kumar


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