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Antibribery Campaign – Posters ready – Loksatta has carried the Campaign story

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 25, 2006

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: shailesh Gandhi <shailesh2@vsnl.com>
Date: 24-Jun-2006 20:05
Subject: Antibribery Campaign

  Dear Friends,
            Exciting developments are taking place around the Country with
relationship to our Campaign.
Arvind Kejriwal has informed me that it looks like the places joining in
will probably exceed 50!
Tarining is going on everwhere and in Mumbai three training sessions are
over today, and another big training session tomorrow conducted by PCGT is
expected to draw over 50 to 60 volunteers.

We will be conducting training sessions right upto 29th and will have a joint
meeting of all coordinators at BCAs or Law Colllege at 5.30pm. on the 30th.

Posters are ready at Sci Arts,
2, Meher House,
15, Cawasjee Patel Street,
Fort, Mumbai 400001

Just go there and request Ramesh or ravi to give as many posters as you can
put up.

posters can be collected from my residence also

Loksatta has carried the Campaign story on page 10 with the heading 'Indian
History's biggest
Public Interest Campaign'.


Tomorrow HT is likely to feature the campaign, and NDTV which is already
giving promos will start showcasing the campaign early next week.

We are perhaps getting a chance to participate in a Campaign of National
Importance, and I am sure, we Mumbaikars will rise to the occasion.

Please do ask other friends also to join and offer volunteering services at
the venue. We expect large crowds to come with big expectations, and we have
the  tools to deliver. We will make RTI an effective tool to combat

022 32903776; 26001003
All my mails are in Public domain,
and do share them if you wish.


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