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Flunked? RTI can tell you why

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 24, 2006

Flunked? RTI can tell you why

Chetan Chauhan

New Delhi, June 23, 2006


The right to Information Act can ensure that students not only get a copy of their answerscript but also details of marks scored in each subject.

However, the Act can't reveal the ranks of unsuccessful candidates.

So far, only successful candidates are informed about subject wise marks and ranking. "They are informed about the marks scored in written examination and in the interview," an official said. Unsuccessful candidates, in most of the entrance examinations, are informed about the marks scored, in written examination and interview.

The Central Information Commission, while hearing a plea of an examinee, averred that details of marks and basis of evaluation should be disclosed. Officials say, there are different parameters for evaluating different examination. In some cases, there is negative marking for wrong answers and in some cases there is higher marks for one section and less for another. Also, in subjective questions the depth of the answer decides the marking pattern, officials say. The commission, however, ruled out the possibility of revealing the rank of unsuccessful candidates. It agreed with the government, which claimed that it may not be humanly possible for the examination agency to maintain records of so many failed candidates. 

"In most of entrance examinations the pass percentage is just 8-10 per cent. For example in civil service examination only about 400 candidates clear the examination though thousands sit for preliminary examination," an official explained.

A slight positive aspect of the ruling is that the agency will have to inform about marks scored by the last successful candidate so that the unsuccessful candidate can know the difference between him and the successful candidate.


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