Right to Information – Master key to good governance


Posted by rtiact2005 on June 21, 2006

This is amazing. For something useless we waste a lot of money but on something that is crucial and which is needed in the state is ignored. Consider the Right to Information Act where with great fanfare, Goa announced the implementation of the Right to Information Act last October 12, 2005.


Former chief secretary Kiran Dhingra, headed a task force, which was set up by the Government to oversee the implementation of the new Central Act in the State. As per the plan of action, the State administration had been gearing up to put in place the necessary infrastructure, software, database, and the required forms for the implementation of the Act.

In addition the Government was to ensure that all departments appoint information officers and assistant information officers to oversee the dissemination when asked for by the public. Has all that been done?

 Eight months have passed and are citizens getting the requisite information they are seeking within 30 days and if they are not getting it what are the supposed to do? Can they approach the First Appellate Authority or the state information commission?
But considering that the state information commission is operating from a make shift office, with hardly a proper staff and in a position where the Chief Commissioner himself had to type the first order due to lack of staff, speaks volumes about how serous the state government is intent on tackling this issue. And that is only secondary. Consider the case of  Sudesh Kalangurtkar, a bus owner who has been fighting for the past eight months to get the academic qualifications of the Assistant Director of Transport. The reason he has been denied this information is because it’s secret. The educational qualifications secrete. There must be something shady over the entire thing.

If the government does want to show its seriousness in implementing the RIT Act, then it should put all the tools into place including a working office for the Commissioner. Otherwise it just shows it wants to hide something from the people which goes against the basis of the Act.

One Response to “RTI or RIP”

  1. s v purohit said

    The mode of payment of rs 10 with application is not clear.In case of DD/Postal order inwhose favour to be made?
    Whether by post also application can be sent?

    s v purohit

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