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The Tamil Nadu Right to Information campaign

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 19, 2006

The Tamil Nadu Right to Information campaign


I had written to the group 2 weeks ago about a National Right to Information campaign in July.  The national campaign is titled " Drive against Bribe". NGOs, unions and citizens' movements in 25 cities in India are taking part in this campaign.  The Tamil Nadu Right to Information campaign, a partner in the national campaign is scheduled between the 10th and 25th of July. 10 districts excluding Chennai will be hosting this campaign in Tamil Nadu (more districts expected to confirm their participation this week). This is the largest ever Right to Information awareness campaign in Tamil Nadu and in India.

During this campaign, we will target issues that we face in our daily interaction with the government. We might be expected to handle problems that include ration card applications, electricity and water related complaints, license and road transport applications, public distribution system, pension and revenue related problems. As the title of the national campaign suggests, we will use RTI as a powerful and effective alternative to bribes. In addition to this Drive against Bribe related issues, we might also take up citizen vigilante instances where we will use RTI for issues related to public works, state and central government policies and schemes, election commission. The objective of the campaign will be to exercise our right to information, increase awareness about the Act, provide impetus to citizen vigilante initiatives and solve everyday problems using the RTI tool.

Chennairti is playing an active role in the coordination of this campaign in Chennai. Around 40 organizations turned up for a coordination meeting on Saturday to discuss the campaign.   It was decided that the campaign will be run by volunteers from the different partner organizations and individuals not affiliated to any of these organizations. A central camp and several small satellite camps will be set up in Chennai where the volunteers will be available to help citizens draft RTI applications. The central camp will be open all day and the satellite camps will be open for a few hours every evening and during the weekends. The camps will be open for 2 weeks and will be operated by volunteers on a time sharing basis. 4-5 hours of volunteering in total from each volunteer is expected to help us run these camps during the 2 weeks of this campaign. A training session is scheduled for the 24th of June(Saturday) where the volunteers will be trained to assist citizens in the filing of RTI applications. This will be a holistic training session where each volunteer will be equipped with the training and will provided with the support material (sample applications, case studies, addresses to which RTI applications have to be sent, etc. ) to be able to file strong RTI applications that will help get the required information. \nchennairti@gmail.com or contact us by phone at the number provided above.


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The campaign will be supported by national media (NDTV, Hindu etc) in the form of daily coverage. We will also partner with local media including Tamil newspapers, TV and Radio channels and neighborhood newspapers.

This is an excellent opportunity to add strength to the largest ever national RTI awareness campaign. We invite you all to attend the training session and  volunteer during this campaign. 5 hours of your time during those two weeks will help us reach out to more people with this campaign.

If your are interested in volunteering, reply to this thread or call Guru @ 98407 65030. Please spread the word about this campaign and ask individuals/organizations interested in volunteering to write to chennairti@gmail.com or contact us by phone at the number provided above.



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