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Contract with public authority is not confidential: CIC

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 19, 2006

Contract with public authority is not confidential: CIC

By Himanshi Dhawan/TNN

New Delhi: In an order that could have far-reaching consequences, the Central Information Commission (CIC) has ruled that a contract with a public authority cannot be categorised confidential. 

   Government agencies are loath to give information regarding contracts. Government transactions are often kept away from public view, especially in cases related to defence and national security. While it is early days yet to know whether the order will impact such contracts, CIC’s decision appears to be a step in that direction. 

   The order, issued by CIC Wajahat Habibullah, substantiates this. In case of “quotations, bid or tender or any other information prior to the conclusion of a contract, it could be categorised as trade secret, but once concluded the confidentiality of such transactions cannot be claimed’’, it said.

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