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Using Post Offices to submit RTI applications

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 18, 2006

Using Post Offices to submit RTI applications

From: C N Kumar 


I wanted to send an RTI application to the Railways and the Civil Aviation Department 
both of which are based outside Bangalore and are under the Central Government.

I remembered what Mr Veeresh Malik had told me earlier and did the following:

1. I went to the GPO along with my RTI application which had the name and full address 
    of the PIO and remitted a sum of Rs 10 to account UCR-miscellaneous ( Unclassified 
    Receipts- Miscellaneous). You can do this at any designated head post office.

2. I affixed the receipt for Rs 10 to the RTI application and handed it into the APIO 
    at GPO.

3. She acknowledged my application and has agreed to send me a copy of the letter 
    forwarding my application.

4. The application will be sent free by the P&T Department by registered post.

I thought I would share this with you so that you can adopt the procedure.

Best regards


C N Kumar
Advantage Offshore Knowledge Services Private Limited
1st Floor, "Poornima"
25, Madras Bank Road,
( Opposite State Bank of India)
Bangalore 560001
Phone @ work: 91-80-25550834,91-80-25585883
Fax @ work: 91-80-25550833
Mobile: 91-98440-56666
Web page: http://www.advantageofindia.com
Phone @home: 91-80-26573636,91-80-26572020


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