Right to Information – Master key to good governance

CIC Letter to Ministries/Departments dated May10, 2006

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 18, 2006

NEW DELHI 110067.
May10   , 2006 



                   The Secretary,                   Ministries/Departments,                  
New Delhi.


                   According to Section 4 (4) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 subject to the available resources  every Public Authority is expected to computerize all records within a reasonable time and place it on its website  so that access to such records is facilitated. 

2.                In this connection, the National Informatics Centre (NIC) has developed a RTI  web Portal http://rti.gov.in, which is a Central Repository of information about Public Information Officers (PIOs) and the Proactive Disclosures of various Public Authorities including State Governments made under Section 4 of the Act.  The Portal has powerful  ‘Search’ mechanism for accessing the desired information placed on the web.  However this requires regular uploading/updation of information.  With a necessary technical support from NIC Nodal Officers attached to your Ministry/Department this Portal can provide latest information placed on web to citizen who may thus avoid making requests under the Act. 

3.                A  large number of Ministries/Departments (as listed in  Appendix ‘A’) have  uploaded the CPIO’s details on  the Portal whereas  this information pertaining to few Ministries/Departments (Appendix ‘B’) is still pending.   Similarly the Ministries and Departments listed in Appendix ‘C’ have uploaded ‘Proactive  


Disclosure’ details on the RTI web portal while those listed in Appendix ‘D’ have not uploaded Proactive Disclosures in clear violation of the RTI Act, 2005.  Even those Ministries/Departments which have uploaded information on RTI portal are not updating it regularly.  The Commission has received complaints that email addresses of CPIOs have not been placed on the website as a result it becomes difficult for them to contact or send their requests to the CPIOs for information which should have been disclosed as a part of Proactive Disclosure under Section 4 of the Act.  All Ministries/Departments may kindly ensure that email contact address of all CPIOs and Appellate authorities are placed on the website as a part of  mandatory disclosure and all details are updated periodically. 

4.                It is in the interest of the Ministries and Departments to update RTI Portal as it is likely to reduce the volume of requests for information under RTI Act. All Ministries and Departments were requested to designate a Nodal Officer for implementation of RTI Act. Please communicate his/her contact details to the Commission so that he/she could regularly be contacted for updating the information on regular basis.   

5.                In order to facilitate filing of Annual Returns to the Commission of information sought vide letter of even number dated April 10, 2006, NIC has developed a web based facility for filing these returns with the Commission.  An Icon ‘File Annual Returns’ has been placed on the website of the Commission i.e. cic.gov.in and at above mentioned RTI portal.  By clicking this Icon,  at that the bottom of window a link to the ‘Manual’ has been placed.  This manual in a users’ friendly way provides guidance for filling the details.  Passwords for all Departments and Ministries have been set as ‘nic’ which Nodal Officer of the Ministry may change it at the earliest to prevent its misuse.  If there is a need felt for training for using this software, Technical Director of attached NIC office of your Ministry/Department may be contacted. For any query on this software


please feel free to contact Ms Nidhi Sr. System Analyst on phone  011-23092776  or email nidhiph@nic.in            

6.                Your cooperation is solicited on filing the Annual returns by May 20, 2006, after which the Commission may have to report ‘No information received’ from the Ministry/Department on its Annual Report to Parliament. 

Yours faithfully, 


 (P.K. Gera)Joint Secretary                                                                                                         Tel.No.26167932  




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