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CIC – Letter to Ministries/Departments dated December 29, 2005

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 18, 2006

F. No. 14/3/2005-CIC


Block No. IV, 5th FloorOld JNU Campus,
New Delhi – 110067Date : 29/12/2005ToSecretaryMinistries/Departments,
New DelhiSir,Under Section 25 of the Right to Information Act, Central Information Commission has been entrusted with the responsibility of monitoring and reporting by preparing a report on the implementation of the provisions of this Act during that year and forward a copy thereof to the Central Government.  Each Ministry or Department in relation to public authorities within their jurisdiction are expected to collect and provide such information to the Central Information Commission as is required to prepare a report under this Section and comply with the requirements concerning the furnishing of that information and copying records for purposes of this section.  The report in respect of the year is expected to provide statutorily following information.(a)               Number of requests received by each authority.(b)               Number of decisions where applications were not entitled to access the documents pursuant to the requests the provisions of the Act under which these decisions were made and the number of times such provisions were invoked.(c)               The number of appeals referred to Central Information Commission for review, the nature of appeals and the outcome of appeals.(d)               Details of disciplinary action taken against any officer in respect of administration of this Act.(e)               Amount of charges collected by each public authority under this Act.(f)                 The details to indicate efforts made by the public authorities to administer and implement the spirit and(g)               Suitable suggestions for reform, including those required for development, improvement, modernization, reform for the amendment of the Act or other legislation or common law or any other matter relevant for operationalisation the Right to access the information.2.         As per Section 25(4) the Central Government is expected to cause a copy of the Report of the CIC to be laid before the House of Parliament.  If, it appears to the Commission that the practice of a public authority in relation to exercise of its functions under this Act does not conform with the provisions or spirit of this Act, it may give the authority recommendation specifying the steps which ought in its opinion to be taken for promoting such conformity.3.         The Commission has decided that the above mentioned report would be prepared for each year ending in March so that it could be laid before the House Session of Parliament every year.  It is, therefore, requested that each Ministry or Department, in relation to the public authorities within their jurisdiction, should place the requisite information in respect of each point mentioned above (section 25(3)) for each public authority under their jurisdiction at their website and this information

– 2 -should be updated every three months.  The requisite information till December, 2005 may be placed on website by 31.1.2006 and this information for the period ending 31.3.2006 should be updated by 15.4.2006 and so on.  Instead of sending hard copies of this information, the Commission should be informed of the fact that the requisite information has been placed and updated on website within 7 days of the due dates for the purpose mentioned above.4.         Besides providing the information listed in para 1, all Ministries/Departments are requested to conform by 15.1.2006 that they have met the obligations listed in Section 4 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 and have placed the requisite information on their website.  The details of the website may also be provided.5.         Any steps taken to comply with Section 4(2) of the Act may also be intimated in quarterly intimation mentioned in para 3 above.6.         The dates mentioned above may be please be strictly adhered to. 

Yours faithfully,( S. C. Bhatia )Deputy Secretary Tel.: 26717352


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