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CIC – Letter to Ministries/Departments dated April 10, 2006

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 18, 2006


Central Information Commission5th Floor, Block IVOld JNU CampusNew Delhi-110067 

April 10, 2006To 

            The Secretary,            Ministry/Department of            
New Delhi.


            Your kind attention is drawn to the letter of even number dated December 29, 2005.  A copy of this is enclosed for ready reference. 

2.                  In order to seek the above information, the Commission has decided to devise a common proforma for seeking an annual return that could be used for sending this information. A proforma prepared in this regard is enclosed as Annexure I.  Every Ministry is requested to fill this proforma for all public authorities including Departments working with them.  In column 2 of the proforma, details of each public authority may be given in each row.  It may kindly be noted that besides providing information for the Ministry and its Departments, this proforma is to be used for providing information for all public authorities as defined under Section 2(h) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.  Accordingly, every Ministry/Department will provide information for every public authority including Public Sector Undertakings, Autonomous Bodies set up under the Societies Act, Statutory Corporations, Boards, Constitutional Bodies like C&AG, Election Commission of India, Supreme Court, Delhi High Court, Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and NGOs financed by them or in their control etc. as per Section 2(h) of the Right to Information Act, 2005 in a single proforma. 3.                   Information for each public authority may be given in a single row.  The name of the public authority will be mentioned in column 2, while the number of requests received under Right to Information Act will be shown in column 3.  In column ‘4a’ number of decisions where application for information sought was rejected may be filled in.  In column ‘4b’, total number of times provisions of the Act under which these rejections (including partial rejections) were made and number of times each these provisions was invoked has to be provided.  Here all relevant Sections of RTI Act, 2005 have been listed for indicating number of times these were used for refusing information.  If while rejecting request for application, more than one such Sections was used for refusing the information, each column of relevant sub Section may be filled to indicate its usage.`4.                  In column 5, number of cases where disciplinary action was taken against any officer in respect of administration of this Act may be given.  For each case a brief write up may be sent to the Commission.  In column 6, the total amount of charges collected may be filled.  This includes penalties and all kinds of fees, costs etc collected from the general public.5.                  Under Section 25 (3) (f) the Commission has been asked to report efforts made by the public authorities to administer and implement the spirit and intention of the Act.  The Ministry/Department are requested to give a brief write up on efforts made by every public authority in this regard and as envisaged under various other Sections of the Act including Sections 4 and 26.6.                  The above proforma must reach the Commission by April30, 2006, failing which Commission’s report to Parliament will reflect ‘no information received’.  It would therefore be desirable if this information is maintained on the Ministry’s website and updated at every 3 months interval.7.                  In order to assure the Parliament that the Commission’s report is backed by authenticated details in the public authorities, the Commission has decided that each CPIO  and Appellate Authority should maintain details of application for information as indicated in Form I and IA respectively (copy enclosed).  Each Appellate Authority will collect quarterly progress of CPIOs, against whose orders they decide the appeals, in form II (copy enclosed) and it will be collated at the level of Public authority for all the their CPIOs.  Form IIA has been designed for the Public Authority to collect quarterly progress from all Appellate Authorities. This should be reported to the Ministry, which along with public authority may place these details on their respective website.  Form III has been suggested for each public authority to keep a quarter wise analysis of requests for information rejected in their organization.  National Informatics Centre has been asked to prepare software for filling the data at CPIO and Appellate level, so that efforts required to collate this information will be minimum. As soon as it is ready, all the ministries and department will be informed. Please visit Commission’s website http://cic.gov.in where all such details will be made available from time to time.8.                  The receipt of this letter may be acknowledged. 


Yours faithfully, 


Joint  Secretary & Registrar


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