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RTI Act(Right to Information Act) RTIact · eximtimes.com …

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 17, 2006

RTI Act(Right to Information Act)

RTIact · eximtimes.com


What does " right to Information Mean" ?
Who are the officers and what are their obligations ?
What Information is available ?
How to request for information ?
What are the information Commissions ?
What is the role of Central/State Governments ?

Public Authorities

Central Information Commission

State Information Commission

Powers and functions

Protection of Action

First Schedule

Second Schedule

Template for Information Handbook


Notification (RTI – Regulation of Fee and Cost Rules, 2005)

3 Responses to “RTI Act(Right to Information Act) RTIact · eximtimes.com …”

  1. Pulin Nath said

    I have joined as PGT Chemistry in Navodaya Vidyalaya Samiti on 07/06/2007 on the pay scale 6500-200-10500. How will my pay be fixed and What will be my totalsalary as on today
    Thank you
    Pulin Nath

  2. Iam refugee and holding 5certificates which are registered here in Bombay old custom office at rehabilitration and mamlatdar . These were registered on 29 dec 1956 .Iwant to claim one shelter from the Government of Maharashtra Mantralaya here in Mumbai . Ido not know how and where . Only I could find out that this department is state level and working or open for the Refugees .My father has not taken any help .Iam seeking one shelter here . Ican provide to see original copys of all refugee certificates to the Government of Maharashtra . please give me reply and help me . My name on that certificat is Savitry Vashdev Mandhian .Place of evacuation is Shyam Kutiya Burns Road Karachi Sind . Now in Pakistan .Will Right to Information Department help me . ready to pay fees .thank you

  3. Waiting for the reply all those codes or links for the master key to open how to do all that please I need help for all this .please do send me a simple reply . Need your help . My position is sos like how to salve this need your help

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