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“Information Act not properly implemented”

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 17, 2006

"Information Act not properly implemented"

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Chennai, March 18:With almost five months having lapsed since the launch of the National Right to Information Act in Tamil Nadu, a study has found "large-scale irregularities, inadequacies and confusion" in implementing the Act in the state.
An ongoing study by the Chennai-based citizen consumer and civic action group has found that procedural uncertainties, lack of operational knowledge among Public Information Officers (PIO) and inadequate infrastructure has caused unnecessary delays and frustration amongst citizen consumers seeking information, a CAG release said today.
The group has also slammed the Tamil Nadu government for charging Rs 50,the highest in the country, as fee for seeking information. This decision of the Tamil Nadu government to charge such a high fee not only removes a section of the population in the state from the information seeking category but also adds to the existing procedural opaqueness, it said.
"At a time when public confidence in the system of governance is at an all time low, the Right to Information Act provides a valuable opportunity to open the doors to transparency, accountability and public participation. It is very important for the government to seize the opportunity this Act provides to not only gain public confidence but to also clean up the system and make the right to information a reality in Tamil Nadu," Sriharini Narayanan, co-ordinator of the group said in the release. (Our Correspondent)

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