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RTI Success Stories – there are more like this !!

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 14, 2006

Harijan Basti road gets

repaired after three years of

running around through RTI.

Harijan Basti is a small cluster in East Delhi where for four years a few volunteers and the residents tried to get a road repaired. The local Municipal Councilor and the Municipal Corporation Department officials gave false reassurances that the repair work would begin soon.

In November 2004, only half of the road was repaired. The MCD officials postponed the rest of the repair work till April 2005. However, no one came to address the problem even till July. A Right to Information Application was filed in July 2005 after which the work didn't just begin, the MCD engineers also kept the applicants informed of the progress made on the road. After the work was completed, an inspection was carried out and a sample of material was also taken.

Inspection of outer Ring Road

from Panchsheel flyover to

Chirag Delhi.

Driving from South Delhi to Noida daily for work, Uday noticed that the stretch of road from Panchsheel flyover to Chirag Delhi had been re-laid in February end in 2005 and within 15 days the road started coming off. Technically, it is known as slip-out. The slip-out did not occur at only one point but on the entire stretch of two metres away from the pavement (approximately the entire bus lane). He filed for right to information, stating that he would like to inspect records related to the particular road. After a few days he noticed, the slip-out was repaired by the MCD by patching up the road at a number of places.

Government employee gets

compensation for forced

transfer through RTI.

Mr Balwani, working as Assistant Engineer in Tilak Nagar zone, was transferred within five months of his joining, by coercive pressure from the local MLA. He filed a grievance petition in the Lt Governor’s office and received a reply that he should be compensated with Rs10,000 for the hardships caused to him. Even the orders from the LG office, the then Delhi Vidyut Board Chief and the Chief Minister's Office failed to provide any justice to him. Finally, he filed a Right to Information application on the same issue and received an evasive reply, but at least he succeeded in receiving his compensation of Rs. 10,000.

Children get admissions in

public schools under Weaker

Section court order.

Eight children belonging to weaker section of the society were denied admissions in Nutan Vidya Mandir, a public school in Sundernagri, North East Delhi. When their parents complained to the Education Officer, Deputy Director Education and Director Education, school authorities demanded a sum of Rs 3,500 from each student for admission.

Under the weaker section quota, public schools are supposed to provide 25 per cent seats for children belonging to weaker sections. A Right to Information application was filed. All the eight children got admissions and four others got back the Rs. 3,500 charged from them.


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