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RTI Frequently Asked Questions

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 14, 2006

RTI Frequently Asked Questions

  • What information can I demand from the Government?
  • What does Right to Information mean?
  • Who are covered under the RTI?
  • How can I apply for RTI application?
  • When did it come into force?
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    13 Responses to “RTI Frequently Asked Questions”

    1. R/Sir.

      Please arrange to send a questionarie for DC.

    2. karma said

      whether a govt servant can seek information of another govt department under RTI Act ?

      • C. Shanmugam said

        Yes, you can seek informtion from any government. But,the mode of payment of fee of Rs. is paid as per their rules.

    3. Sniperz11 said

      I would like to know what is the copyright and/or licensing conditions for information, pictures and media released by the Government and/or PIB as well as other government departments under the RTI act?

      Thank you

    4. V S HADA said

      i want to get information on my local gram panchayat – Boisar, Dist Thane, Maharashtra.- regarding water connections given in the area
      whom should i contact

    5. Rajshekhar Kurtakoti said

      I want to know whether Urban Co-Op Banks in Karnataka are come under the perview of Right To Information Act 2005 or not.

    6. balwinder bassi said

      Dear Sir,
      I do need mobile phone details incoming/outgoing full record in punjab. Who should I ask to get the record under RTI 2005 act?

    7. kamal said

      Do private institute affiliated to university comes under the preview of the RTI Act

    8. chaya devi said

      what personal details can an individual ask through RTI if the spouse is working in a govt ofrganization

    9. G Suresh Choudry said

      What if we don’t have the copy of the postal order but have the copy of register post and the acknowledgement from the PIO’s office. if no reply received in stipulated time from the submission of the RTI Application.

      Will it be good enough for First Appeal. if, so, whether the appeal will be rejected under the grounds of non mentioning of Postal order number and date.

    10. pradeep said

      how many copies to be sent to PIO ?

    11. D.K.Banerjee said

      1.Can I send my application through Registered A/D/Speed post/Courier or it is to be send by normal post.

      2. Under whose name the Demand draft to be drawn and Payable place.

    12. Sham lal said

      Resp. Sir,
      it would be my pleasure if u guide me for first appeal agst D.F.S.C. Amritsar.If u do the needful its very nice of u .Thanks

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