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MP Tehsildar Fined under RTI – Rs.25000 fine for tehsildar

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 14, 2006

 MP Tehsildar Fined under RTI

 Rs.25000 fine for tehsildar

In the first incident of its kind, a government official ( of tehsildar rank) was fined Rs.25000 on Friday for having failed to provide the rightful information to an applicant within the stipulated time, and compounding the offence by ignoring the pleas of the state information commision. The fine, the maximum under the act, was levied on a tehsildar of Gyaraspur (H.S.Chauhan) on the order of the chief  information commisioner , Mr..N.Shrivastava. Disciplinary action has also been recommended against the first appelate authority and SDO( Sharad Shorti) of Gyaraspur  for not reating the complaint with the seriousness it deserved.

The applicant Mr.M.K.Sharma, a resident of Vidisha, had on December 5, 2005, applied for a certified copy of a mutation case pertaining to his land at Chuatali village uner the above act. The tehsildar sat over the request for nerly four months. Finally, when the information was provided on April 20, 2006 ( instead on January 4) on the orders of the SIC, it was incomplete.

In his order, Mr.Shrivastava observed that the delay commited by the PIO had harmed the right of appellant. What's worse is that no steps were subsequently taken to make up for the gross negiligence. The tehsildar has been asked to deposit the fine within 30 days of the order or face the music. The SDO's conduct was also found to have been unbecoming of an officer of rank. He failed to issue the order within the prescribed limit, and added insult to injury by defending the conduct of his subordinates. Asian Age 27th May 2006.

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