Right to Information – Master key to good governance

ARC – Panel proposes change of ‘Oath of Secrecy’

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 14, 2006

Panel proposes change of ‘Oath of Secrecy’

  New Delhi: If the recommendations of the second Administrative Reforms Commission are accepted by the Government, the oath of office of Prime Minister and ministers will change from secrecy to transparency.
  "As an affirmation of the importance of transparency in public affairs, ministers, on assumption of office, may take an oath of transparency along with the oath of office and the requirement of administering the oath of secrecy should be dispensed with," the Commission said in its first report on "Right to Information — Key to Good Governance".
  Safeguard against disclosure of information against the national interest may be provided through written undertaking by incorporation of a clause in the national security law dealing with official secrets, the report of the Commission, chaired by M Veerappa Moily, said.
  While giving reasons for this recommendation, the Commission said the existence of this provision of oath of secrecy and its administration along with the oath of office appears to be a legacy of the colonial era where the public was subjugated to the Government. (PTI)

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