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Whether an application made under RTI through e-mail is valid or not?

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 13, 2006

 a) An RTI application made by eMail is absolutely valid, IMHO, as long
as  the eMail address of the PIO is as per the information on their
website. If  it bounces back, not the applicant's fault.

b) Once you have send the eMail, take a printout of the "SENT" copy,
sign  it, and then deposit the application with the 10/- fees in the
prescribed  manner, within a reasonable time as per the RTI Act. In my case, I
submit it  within 2-7 days. I typically use the "via APIO Post Office" route to
submit  the signed hard copy after that.

c) There are some very pro-active CPIOs who have in some cases sent me
responses on basis eMails sent by me, even before the signed hard-copy
and the 10/- fees have reached them. I would like to take this opportunity
to  place on record the pro-active responses from the following Public
Authorities in the last few months:-

# Deptt of Road Transport & Highways.
# Ministry of Heavy Industries.
# Deptt of Science & Technology
# Lok Sabha
# DND-Flyway (A Private Company, by the way . . .)

d) On the other hand there are others who blithely deny that even
registered post mail have reached them . . .

rgds/Veeresh Malik
Tue, 13 Jun 2006 18:41:42 +0530
> Dear Sirs,
> Can somebody please guide me as to whether an
> application made under RTI through e-mail is valid or
> not?
> Thanks
> Vijay
> — whabibullah@nic.in wrote:
>> CBI is not an organisation under the Second Schedule
>> of the RTI Act 2005
>> Wajahat Habibullah
>> > Dear all,
>> >
>> >   I have a query about the Right to Information
>> Act, 2005. My question
>> > is:-
>> >
>> >   Is CBI comes under Section 24 of the RTI Act
>> 2005 which deals with
>> > Certain organisations on which this Act shall not
>> apply.
>> >
>> >   I had gone to the office of CBI in New Delhi to
>> submit an application
>> > under RTI Act to provide me certain information.
>> But they said that they
>> > did not provide me those because CBI is not come
>> under the Right to
>> > Information Act and they have not appointed any
>> Public Information
>> > Officer for this purpose.


58 Responses to “Whether an application made under RTI through e-mail is valid or not?”

  1. Dr. Salil Gupta said

    Dear friends,

    This note really surprises me.

    I have been trying to get information from MCD regarding the land they exchanged with us 30 yrs ago for broadening the road. The road has been broadened, but we have got our land – only on paper. When ever you ask them, they cite that correspondence.

    I put this all in an application. When inquired, they simply said that if you sent by post/ regd post, there is no guarantee of what you sent. Come and hand deliver the same!



    i’ve asked sbi,rajpath evening branch,bhubaneswar(a year back) the reason for non-delivery of my correct user-name and password of net-banking, through e-mail and by-hand to the APIO. they received that at that time but didn’t asked for that fee to be deposited. and after some days i also got my username and password.

    This time on 23rd october,2007 when i asked sbi,bapuji nagra branch, bhubaneswar for the mis-calculation of the interest of the educational loan taken, they received the letter in the same way by hand(the AGM/CPIO of the bank)but didn’t tell me about that fee, which i came to know recently. So i want to know what is the time limit to deposit that amount.

  3. A.Rahman.Udyawar(secretary consumer society manjeshwar) said

    Sr. regional /regional manager (h.p.c.l)
    Cochin regional office,
    Tata road p.e.no.1601,
    Post tatapuram
    Ernakulam Cochin – 582014.

    Dear Sir,
    Sub: request for furnishing details under R.T.I Act – 2005 regarding
    (Rs. 10/= demand draft enclosed with this letter) D.D.Through state bank of travancore manjeshwar S.S.No.0355472026- dated on 24/11/07
    Kindly furnish the following details under R.T.I Act – 2005. Our jurisdiction is coming under M/s Anantha Gas Agencies, Manjeshwar.

    1. How many cylinders can a connection have?
    2. Whether there is any minimum interval (21 days as claimed by your dealer) to be maintained between the supply of refilled gas cylinders. If yes give the details.
    3. Whether the rules for supplying refilled gas cylinders to a consumer having single cylinder and a consumer having double cylinder differs.
    4. There is any maximum distance is fixed for door delivery of refilled cylinders. If so give the details.
    5. On what basis the charges for the door delivery of refilled cylinders are fixed.
    6. Whether there is any system of selling the cylinders in shops (other than dealers out let). If yes how many cylinders can shop keeper store in shop.
    7. Whether the dealer can appoint any sub dealers, agent or brokers. If yes, what is the procedure and qualification required?
    8. Whether the dealer has to give booking number to the consumer at the time of booking the refilled cylinders.
    9. Whether the dealer has to display the waiting list of booking in the out let for the reference of the consumer.
    10. Whether the dealer has to display the name of consumers to whom the cylinders are supplied so that the deal is transparent.
    11. Whether the consumer has the right to know how many loads of cylinders the dealer has received and the date which he has received it.
    12. Whether there is any restriction fir issuing new connection.
    13. Whether there is any restriction for issuing second cylinder to the consumer who is already having one cylinder.
    14. Whether the commercial cylinder being supplied by you subsidized. For what all purpose the commercial cylinders can be used. Give details.
    15. At any time in case if the consumer wants to know the current booking number under which the refilled cylinder is being delivered, whether he is entitled to know the same from the dealer. Whether the dealer bounds to give the information or not.
    16. In case if the dealer denies any service connected the gas supply whether the consumer is entitled to get the same in writing from the dealer.
    17. Is there any rules which restricts the consumer from the purchasing the stoves, pipes for his gas connection from out side
    18. What are the timings of M/s Anantha Gas Agencies Mnajeshwar?
    19. What is the total number of consumers M/s. Anantha Gas Agencies Have? Give separate details for Domestic and Commercial.
    20. Give the jurisdiction of supply of M/s. Anantha Gas Agencies, to which all area they can supply refilled gas cylinders and new connections.
    21. Give the no. of consumers having double cylinders.
    22. Give the no. of refilled gas cylinders supplied by (H.P.C.L) to M/s. Anantha Gas Agencies during the period from January 2007 to October 2007. Give separate details for Commercial and Domestic.
    23. Give details of consumers having one or more gas cylinders under M/s. Anantha Gas Agencies. Give separate details for commercial and domestic.
    Give the No. of refilled cylinders received by M/s.Anantha Gas Agencies from H.P.C.L between 1/10/2007 to 31/10/2007. Also give the details (as below in columns) of the consumers to whom the gas cylinders of Anantha Gas Agencies for the month of October 2007.
    Name and address of consumers with consumer number No. of cylinders supplied Commercial or domestic Date of booking Date of supply

    Please give the details in writing under the R.T.I.Act. And we are bound to pay the expenses of the same as fixed in R.T.I.Act.


    Yours truly,

    Consumer’s Society Mnjeshwar

    For smooth implementation of R.T.I.Act.

  4. A.Rahman.Udyawar(secretary consumer society manjeshwar) said

    we are posting request for furnishing details under R.T.I.act-2005,to, regional manager (H.P.C.L) DATED ON 27TH NOVEMBER 2007,WE ARE RECIVED SIGHNED ACKNOWLEDGEMENT DATED ON 29TH NOVEMBER 2007, BUT NOT yet RECIVED ANY DETAILS UNDER r.t.i act 2005

    • H.BASAVARAJ said

      U file complaint with the central informationcommission New delhi stating that the concerned not given information .U send the copy of ur application and nofeeisrequired.The address is as follows.
      The central information commission,
      club building, near post office,
      old J N U campus,
      NEW DELHI-110067
      PH NO.91-1126161796

  5. moosa kunchi udyawar said

    my name is moosa kunchi consumer number-607276 under m/s anantha gas agencies manjeshwar kasaragod district kerala state,this agencies when i call to booking refilled gas cylinder or asking for additonal cylinder they are using filthy language,if i ask any doubt but they are told with me we are not ur servent we are sitting only for buisness,

    • H.BASAVARAJ said

      Dear friend,
      U should not talk to such people and your pen and the R T I application will make them to talk to U. U start with the application addresing to the company by asking the proceedure of providing the services, details, along with a blank postal order of Rs.10/- and send the letter with registered post. Ubuild up all the questions relating to it,which are all u need for clarification in the application. U visit http://www.rtiindia.org which gives enarmous knowledge about rti. Dont stop, proceed till U win the race,. Success is yours.I have tried with my own eforts and in three monts period I have handled several hardcore persons.It is posible for u also.

  6. syed javed mahmood said

    We need information from road transport dept about overload vehicles fine charges in maharastra , and who is authorise to check the vehicle ,and till to day how much amount collected by overloading.please give us details whome we can file our application and where.
    thanking you,

  7. Rajshekhar Kurtakoti said

    I want to know whether Urban Co-Op Banks in karnataka are come under the perview of Right to Information Act 2005 or not?

    • H.BASAVARAJ said

      These banks are controlled by R B I and are established under banking regulation act. Youfile an R T I application with the bank and after receiving response in writting , you file appealbefore the state information commission,if they replythat they are not governed by R T I act.


    • H.BASAVARAJ said

      You just write a ordinary letter addresed to the institution from which u need information and attach a postal order of rs.10/- and keep the payee blank and send it by registered post ack due. I f they did not reply, or returned the leter U write to the commission stating that the authorities are not provided the information. further process will be undertaken by the commission itself and the proceedings will be intimated to u. For easy reference U may purchase one R T I Act book from any shop and read it.This will help u alot.Practicemakes man perfect.

  9. rules

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  11. umesh said

    Dear Sir,

    I want to get information regaridng the norms of the housing society’s re-registration procedure.

    Although, we live in Ahmedabad, Gujarat District, and our society’s registration was cancelled, so, please, can you tell me whether I put my application under RTI, act, for an legal procedure.

    Your co-operation is highly motivated

    umesh kothari

  12. RAVI gUGLANI said

    i have deposited a sum in Post Office at Jalandhar through an agent but the pass bboks of monthly income scheems are forged and it is in the name of my mother and an agent is my sister’s husband so tell me how could i get an official record or checked it whether it is forged.

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  14. Sharma said

    I have sought information under RTI Act 2005 with a Public Sector Insurance Company. Even after 30 days they have not replied to me. I have send the required fees and i have verified speed post and they confirmed they delivered the same – WHAT I HAVE TO DO NOW


  15. sir.
    Pranam. s o thana kotwali city Bijnoure and s p Bijnoure.(up) will not give me any information about my application
    sir please help me about my application
    And send me R T I. C I C UP offish Address
    Ganesh Prasad kala (National Football Player)
    71/5 Bakralwala Neshvila Road Dehradun uttrakhand
    Phone no 9412403060

  16. S.P. Manchanda said

    As per rules, the PIO should charge Rs.2/- per copy for photocopying and sending the same under RTI Act. Will any body clarify charges, if any, when we request for furnishing information by e-mail only? Can PIO refuse providing information via email?

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  18. Abhay Meshram said

    Hi …..

    I went to file a police complaint against a share auto driver …. I could able to note down last 4 digits …… but instead of noting down my complaint they told me to get the complete registration number of auto by searching that auto in the complete area. And they not even took me seriously on the topic ….. I want to know where should I put RTI application to know why they didn’t took my complaint. And how should I proceed for the same.

  19. Anil said

    In connection to one court case , I have to prove income through some cheques which were received from parties and deposited in my saving account of I.C.I.C.I bank. I wrote an application to I.C.I.C.I bank branch manager giving full details which are available with me but no response is received. What should I do to get desired details?

  20. Likhith said

    I want to know the charges that apply(in Karnataka) when we receive it via e-mail and how to minimize the costs and can we restrict them to send the report within the number of pages??

  21. Dear Sir

    Undersigned like to inform you that in the Income Tax of India chartered Accountant is shown as Tax Professional so I like to whether Chartered Accountant are Account by profession or Tax Professional by profession. One professional cannot have two professions at a time as per constitution of India. More Section 288 is there in the income tax reading people who can Practice Income Tax. So please let me know that this icon appearing on the site Income Tax of India as Chartered Accountant is Tax Professional is accordance with law.

    Hope the Question will be answered at the earliest within 15days.

    Dilip Kumar Agarwal,Advocate
    Past President of Siliguri Taxation Bar Association, Siliguri Tax Advocates Bar Association, North Bengal Tax Advocate Association, Executive member of All India Federation of Tax Practitioner(EZ)

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  23. FIGHT FOR ANSHU (A dowry Victim) said

    Can a RTI without the sign of Applicant is Valid?

  24. FIGHT FOR ANSHU (A dowry Victim) said

    Can anybody take the information without signing the application (only address is given)

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    Almost all constructed houses. A very few flats left over.

    The question is How the Registrar registered the plot when it is assugned land?.

    Netro news channel surveyed and confirned tgat it is not assigned land.
    Please suggest solution.


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