Right to Information – Master key to good governance

Orissa SIC – PIO’s –

Posted by rtiact2005 on June 12, 2006


Shri. Dhirendra Nath Padhi
 Off: 91-674 – 2534300 
 Orissa Soochna Commission, (Secretary),

State Guest House Annexe,

Room No. 44,

Unit 5, Bhubaneshwar


 1) Shri Radha Mohan

Departments in Government of Orrisa

PIO Details


Commerce & Transport
Fisheries & ARD
Health & Family Welfare
Information Technology
Information & Public Relations
Labour & Employment
Panchayati Raj
Parliamentary Affairs
Public Enterprises
Public Grievance & PA
Planning & Co-ordination
ST & SC Development
Science & Technology
Steel & Mines
Water Resources
 Right to Information Act 2005
Orissa Right to Information Rules 2005
Constitution of Committee
Office Memorandum/ Orders/Circulars



One Response to “Orissa SIC – PIO’s –”

  1. Santanu said

    It is a very good intitiative.
    We can not make changes overnight.If something is achieved,then I think the purpose of RTI is done.But for better result,I propose to start in a particular area,make people aware and to implement it practically,the results to be pubilicised using the mass media and then the success story to be deseminatted to all parts of the state and the country.I/we are ready to join hands with the people/agencies working in RTI.
    I feel real success of the RTI ,if the common man is aware and able to utilise it.

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